Amazon Kindle's 3G will lose its internet access by December, as the company favors the support for 4G LTE and 5G for download of e-books on the tablet. This does not mean that the Amazon Kindle 3G devices will be unusable, as downloaded books, journals, and other materials are still accessible, with WiFi, still in play. 

Amazon Kindle 3G to Lose Internet Access

Amazon Kindle 3G to Lose Internet Access
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Amazon has announced that its support to connect on 3G networks will lose internet access by December, and this development is precedented as the world is moving up to better connections. MNOs or mobile network operators themselves are phasing out 2G and 3G cellular data connections, not something that Amazon controls. 

This is not new, as a lot of different service providers have already favored the latest network standards, which is the 5G spectrum. Verizon and other service providers are known to be in the process of axing 3G, but are still hesitant

According to the Good E-Reader, Amazon and the MNO's target was in 2022, but the recent development showed that it would be moved earlier, even before the year is done. Not many people use the 3G network anymore, apart from those that cannot connect to 4G or LTE, in far-flung areas or difficult times. 

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Amazon Kindle: Devices To Lose Internet

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Amazon's statement has two connection updates for all users of the Kindle e-book devices. One of which is limited to 2G or 3G connections and has no WiFi access. The other is that these devices will still have access to WiFi, but not for cellular data network connections.

There are only two devices that would totally lose internet access, and these are:

  • Kindle (1st and 2nd Generation) 
  • Kindle DX (2nd Generation)

These are some of the oldest devices within Amazon's lineup and are already discontinued as the company evolved and made more advanced technology. Users can still store their downloaded e-books here, and may still download as long as 2G and 3G are still available. 

Can WiFi Still Work for Amazon Kindle 3G?

On the other hand, these devices below can still access the internet via WiFi, despite being 3G-enabled devices. The full functionality and downloading capabilities of the Kindle would still be available, provided that they are connected via WiFi. 

  • Kindle Keyboard (3rd Generation)
  • Kindle Touch (4th Generation)
  • Kindle Paperwhite (5th Generation)/(6th Generation)/(7th Generation)
  • Kindle Voyage (7th Generation)
  • Kindle Oasis (8th Generation)

If not mentioned in the list above, it means that it would remain unaffected by the Kindle's changes, and can still be used for both the 4G and WiFi internet connections. 

The 5G connection is the latest technology there is to cellular networks and is something which the world wants to be used across devices, as it can also promote wireless charging through its antennas

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