The Apple Campus in North Carolina has yet to have its design and construction, so it would temporarily lease office space in MetLife NC so that it may soon open its doors to new employees. Naturally, the design and conceptualization of a new office would be hard, and it would take some time before it gets finalized. 

Apple's next campus would be a massive compound for the company, as it can hire up to 3,000 employees for its fully functional facilities, R&D, and more. The budget allocated for its construction is $1 billion, which is a whopping number for Apple to spend on a facility. It would also fortify Apple's presence in the eastern region of the country. 

Apple Temporary Lease on MetLife North Carolina

According to MacRumors, Apple would have a temporary lease on a building in North Carolina, with a company called "MetLife" which has three buildings on its compound. For now, the third building remains unused by the company and would have its doors open for tenants that wish to utilize the office space.

It seems that Apple is already keen on opening its North Carolina campus, something which the company has been looking forward to, for its expansion. 

The 200,000 feet office space would give Apple adequate space to begin operations, but it was not revealed if this would be intended for all the 3,000 employees it aims to hire. 

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However, that being said, Apple has not revealed any details with regards to its new campus, and what design would it have, despite having already bought the land in 2018. This was a part of its initial investment in the country, and its goal to bring more jobs for people to apply for, especially under Apple's care. 

Apple Campus North Carolina Expected Opening?

There was no specific target date for the construction of the North Carolina plant, but it would come in the next two years or so, provided that it already has finalized its designs and chosen contractors. However, both have no news or information yet. That being said, its conceptualization alone will take some time, especially if Apple is to focus on design. 

Apple's report of a $430 billion investment in the country for the next five years includes the plan for its North Carolina campus, and it is something which the company wants to debut. 

For now, Apple would have to stick to its "Spaceship-designed" Cupertino campus, which is also the main office of the company. 

Is Apple's North Carolina Already Hiring?

Currently, Apple's North Carolina gave no clues whether it is already hiring for vacancies on its next office, especially as it has already acquired a new space on MetLife. The new office space in North Carolina only suggests that Apple is already looking forward to the opening of its new campus, which is a massive one for the company. 

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