Uber and Rosetta Stone have partnered up to teach drivers language courses so that it may help in addressing customers and their difficulty with regards to a communication gap. Sometimes, a dilemma of a driver is that they receive an order or booking from a customer that speaks a different language, and it results to miscommunication. 

Initially, Uber has faced a lot of issues within its driver fleet, as it has sent emails to a lot of recipients, which are meant for California drivers only. However, the ride-hailing company is already trying to fix its issues, including that of an Uber PIN code for riding the right car. 

Uber and Rosetta Stone Language Courses

Uber has recently released a press release for its recent venture, which would aim to bridge a communication gap among its drivers, customers, and riders. Not everyone can still communicate via English or the universal language that is observed across the world. Having said this, miscommunication is a real problem that people experience now.

CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has also addressed "Supporting and Career Goals" within the recent Uber release, and it talked about how to improve its services so people can utilize them more. One of the mentioned programs in the press releases is the partnership with Rosetta Stone. It would also bring new lessons for drivers to benefit from. 

Uber and Rosetta's collaboration would be for the drivers and riders, helping both sides bridge the gap that separates them so that both parties would understand each other. 

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Free Use of Rosetta Stone's Services

The American education technology software, Rosetta Stone, will hold a free language course on the Uber drivers, and it would help them use the application as well. There are 24 languages in Rosetta's application to be used by Uber drivers, and all of them would be free to use that application for business purposes.

The collaboration of Uber and Rosetta Stone will help empower its drivers and passengers or riders, which would ultimately help the business as a better service for its rides and "Uber Eats."

Language Barriers in Riding Uber

While in the US, Uber's language barriers are not that of an issue, foreigners that travel to the country are the most affected. On the other hand, it would also be helpful in multi-lingual countries like Asia and Europe, provided that Rosetta covers the said language they have. 

There are a lot of languages to choose from, and drivers are getting a free course for those, so that they may optimize its use with regards to conducting business, as usual. 

Uber remains one of the most popular ride-hailing applications in the country and the world, and this service only means that it aims to help its service grows more in terms of customer usage. 

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