A COVId-19 denier and flat earther is now facing trial for 3 counts of breaking the Quarantine Act. A certain Metro Vancouver man who was accused of repetitively breaking COVID-19 quarantine rules has just appeared in the B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster for the very first day of his trial.

COVID-19 Denier and Conspiracy Theorist

According to Global News, the man is Mak Parhar and is an outspoken COVID-19 denier and conspiracy theorist. He was reportedly charged with three counts of breaking the official Quarantine Act.

Parhar allegedly refused to self-isolate after he had returned from a particular Flat Earth conference in the United States last November 2020. During that time, he spent four whole days in jail. There have been many COVID-19 myths and conspiracies debunked like how standing next to a vaccinated person would destroy one's body.

Parhar Notes 'Illegal, Unlawful Criminal Trial'

Outside of the court, Parhar noted that he was facing a supposed "illegal, unlawful criminal trial" noting that he has not harmed anybody and that there is still no proof that they have harmed anybody. He also noted that there is no proof that he has been sick and that "they" only want to make an example out of him.

Parhar commented about the situation noting that it is about "quarantining the healthy" referring to it as an absurd idea. He then questioned "what kind of a clown world" are we all living in, questioning why there is a need to quarantine people who are reportedly perfectly healthy and have never even "been sick for 17 years of something like that."

City of Delta Revokes Parhar Hot Yoga Studio Business License

Parhar then represented himself and told Global News that he actually felt that he had been "completely railroaded" by nonother than the judge who he mentioned had "regularly interrupted him." In March 2020, the City of Delta had even revoked Parhar's business license for his very own hot yoga studio.

The revocation of the hot yoga studio was made after he had encouraged people to attend and even "falsely claimed" that the heat could even kill the coronavirus itself, as also reported by the CDC. He also reportedly faced criticism for both entering and filming inside health-care facilities during the height of the pandemic's first wave in order to get the "truth" about the whole COVID-19 pandemic.

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Parhar vs Government

The B.C. Supreme Court also threw out a lawsuit that Parhar had filed against the B.C. government ruling that it was actually "embarrassing in the legal sense of that term" referring to it as frivolous and vexatious, noting it as an "abuse of process." Parhar admits that the actions that he made have already caused problems in both his personal as well as family relations.

Parhar, however, insists that he is still standing up for rights and freedom. His trial is now scheduled for two days. Efforts are being increased to get more and more Americans to vaccinate themselves with the government even rolling out $100 to those that get vaccinated agains COVID-19.

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