President Joe Biden and the US Treasury are giving out $100 to all Americans who would get vaccinated against COVID-19, from today onwards. However, it is worth noting that this was a directive handed out to the different states and local governments in the country. This means that the state heads would be the ones to implement the directive. 

Biden and the US government are already desperate in having people get swayed in getting vaccinated during this time, where the Delta Variant is threatening a higher infection rate than normal. Initially, what the government wants to do is to knock on people's doors to have them swayed into vaccination. 

President Biden, US Treasury Directive for $100 Incentive

According to President Joe Biden and the US Treasury (via Phil Mattingly), the White House is issuing a directive across all states and local governments to provide a $100 incentive for all those that would get vaccinated. This would help in raising more people to receive their doses in the country.

This would be a win-win for all that would get vaccinated, as it would give them protection against COVID-19, and at the same time earn some money. 

However, the only problem now is when these states and local governments can distribute the money, as it would come from their end and distribution. It might be so that some states are already handing out the money, while for some, it is still not yet available. 

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COVID-19 Vaccination: $100 Incentive, When Will It Be Available?

According to the New York Times, New York City has already announced that it would be able to distribute the $100 incentive for everyone that would get vaccinated within this week. This only shows that NYC and its mayor, Bill De Blasio, are on board Biden's campaign. 

Experts believe that an incentive will give people motivation to get the vaccine, despite the primary motivation should be getting protected against COVID-19. 

Nevertheless, these kinds of incentives are effective, especially as seen in other states and places in the country that had the same schemes. Take, for example, Washington, which recently had sweepstakes for June

It was reported that having the sweepstakes raised the vaccination rates in the state by 24 percent. 

Should People Get the Vaccine Now That It Has an Incentive?

People that have not received its vaccine should still get their shots with or without an incentive, as it would be for their good. Moreover, to stop the spread of the virus, people should have their shots now and end the pandemic once and for all.

Lucky for those who are only planning to get one now, they get to have a $100 incentive for getting protected against the COVID-19. 

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