Elon Musk has agreed with Epic Games, which initially accused Apple and its App Store of overpricing its sales tax charges for as much as 30 percent per purchase. It remains an unknown reason as to why Musk is attacking Apple, but the Tesla CEO went as far as saying that it is a monopoly with regards to the issue.

Initially, Musk was rumored to be gunning for the CEO position at Apple against Tim Cook but denied the allegations pointed out by fans and other members of the media. This is where anti-Apple tweets came in and went against the most valuable company in the world.

Elon Musk: Apple App Store is Overpricing

Initially, Epic Games was alone in the fight against Apple, as judges initially said that what the Cupertino company did was due to its policies, something that the game publisher dishonored. However, in the recent turn of events, it received a new and powerful new ally, in the form of the world's eccentric billionaire and meme king, Elon Musk.

Musk (@elonmusk) initially said Apple's App Store fees hold a "de facto global tax" over the internet, and here, the CEO voiced out his outcries.

This started a succession of reply tweets that focused more on why he has said this, and it is not because of business reasons, but because he observed what is happening on the market.

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The Tesla CEO said that Apple is overpricing their fees at their App Store, and shows his emphatic statement over Epic Games' hardship, going their way to create a new payment option for users.

Apple's overpricing at the App Store was regarded by the billionaire to be something that can be changed, suggesting that they use a "fixed fee" for reviewing apps, to offset the charges.

Apple Monopoly

Amidst the series of tweets dropped by Musk, he mentioned that Android and Apple have a "duopoly" on phones, and this means that they have massive control over the apps and their distribution.

Furthermore, Apple was regarded by Musk to be a monopoly, in terms of "interface familiarity."

Musk said that the 30 percent charges of Apple are even hidden from users, effectively making it unknown so that there would not be any outcries or protests against them.

Apple vs. Epic Games, Backed by Elon Musk

What is currently taking place within the fight of Apple and Epic Games has reached something of a halt within its court appearances. In the earlier months, news regarding their court proceedings was hot, and it showed a lot of heads turning for both companies.

However, in Apple vs. Epic this upcoming August, something big is already appearing on the game publisher, and it is the tech mogul and meme king, Elon Musk. Who knows, the Season 7 Alien Invasion theme would feature Musk as a skin, as the "techno king of Mars."

*DISCLAIMER: This is only speculation, and not something confirmed or rumored by Epic Games.

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