The "Halo Infinite" technical preview is now live and off to a rough start. This is due to the technical issues that players have encountered while testing out the beta.

There is a possibility that the technical issues that players are experiencing will continue until the end of the preview. The "Halo Infinite" technical preview ends on August 2. 

'Halo Infinite' Technical Preview: Players Experience Technical Issues

"Halo Infinite" beta players have experienced technical issues such as having difficulty logging in and the beta actually crashing, according to a report by Tom's Guide

343 Industries, the game's developer, listed the issues they are aware of on the official website. The issues 343 Industries are aware of include a Matchmaking bug that prevents a player from joining a session and player scores not appearing on the victory screen. 

343 Industries also said that AMD players whose AMD Graphics Driver is older than version 21.6.1 may encounter stability and performance issues while playing the multiplayer beta. This is because of the fact that the earlier versions of the AMD Graphics Driver are not compatible with the game. 

There have also been instances of warping, stuttering, and de-sync in the technical preview. 

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343 Industries: "Please Bear With Us"

Brian Jarrard, "Halo's" community director at 343 Industries, asked in a series of tweets for players to "please bear with us" as 343 Industries navigates through the technical issues of the "Halo Infinite" beta. 

Jarrard pointed out that the "Halo Infinite" technical preview is not a game launch, but something that has been driven by production. He also admitted that "there will be hiccups."

"I worry that folks who aren't able to handle the unpredictability of this release timing and who are getting outright angry, already have the wrong expectations going into a technical preview," he said in one of the tweets part of the five-tweet thread. 

The "Halo" community director also reminded players outside the United States that 343 Industries is located in the U.S. and that the technical preview really was designed around the time zone of the country. 

Leak Shows That 'Halo Infinite' Has Multiple Campaigns

A leak from the technical preview posted on Twitter shows that "Halo Infinite" has hinted that "Halo Infinite" may have multiple campaigns players can go through. 

According to Comic Book, the screenshot of the technical preview shows the option for "campaigns" on a menu. That's right. Campaigns, not campaign. People may argue that this can be a typographical error, but Comic Book says that "it most certainly isn't."

As of press time, 343 Industries has not commented on the number of games "Halo Infinite" will have.

'Halo Infinite' Multiplayer Beta: What Players Should Know

343 Industries reminds those who want to try the technical preview that, while they would love to get as many players as they can to experience the beta, not everyone can. If a player does not get an invite for the technical preview, 343 Industries has said that there are other chances in the future. 

Players who do get to try the technical preview are allowed to share footage. 

The "Halo Infinite" technical preview is scheduled to end on August 2 at 10 a.m. PT, according to 343 Industries. Once "Halo Infinite" is officially released, it is playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows. 

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