The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult to travel, especially out of the country. Numerous places are now requiring visitors to show digital proof of vaccination to be given entry.

Even though the details of the passes depend on where you are headed, the passes function the same way: they are digital records on your phone, proving you are safe to be around other people.

The digital COVID certificates or vaccine passports are easier to acquire and bring around with you than paper documents. Here's how to keep proof of your vaccination on your phone.

Take a Picture

The first thing you can do is snap a picture of the front and back of your vaccination card and save it in your phone gallery.

The second thing you can do is make a widget using the pictures, so it is easier to present. For iOS, you can download Photo Widget to create an album and fill it with photos of your card.

On Android phones, you can download a photo widget app called Shortcut Image. Go straight to the home screen and long-press an area so you can choose Widget. You could select an image, name it and save it, according to Forbes. 

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Store it in the Digital Wallet

You can download VaxYes to create and store the digital vaccination card certificate in Google Pay or Apple Wallet.

Just enter your phone number on the VaxYes website and upload a scanned image of your vaccination card. 

Check with Your State

Each state supports an app that residents can use to download their digital vaccination cards. 

For example, If you live in New York, you can use the app called Excelsior Pass Wallet to access your digital vaccination card. This card can be used for 15 days after your last shot, according to ABC News. 

Los Angeles County has Healthvana to send digital vaccination records to people who receive their shot at a country-run site. You can store it in Google Pay or Apple Wallet.

Walmart and Sam's Club

If you received your shots at Sam's Club or Walmart, these establishments have medical documents. You can request a copy by downloading any of the following apps: CommonHealth, CommonPass, or Clear.

All you need to do is to create an account with any of the apps. Once done, sign in to your Sam's Club or Walmart account. Use your Sam's Club or Walmart credentials, so you can view and share your vaccination records.

Download Digital ID App

Due to the lack of an organized system in the United States, more than 300 public and private organizations created Vaccination Credential Initiative or VCI to build SMART Health Card, according to Washington Post.

The SMART Health Card can help users access a copy of their vaccination records in digital form. To get a SMART Health Card, you need to go to your doctor's office, the pharmacy, the state registry, or any organization with your clinical information.

The organization may give you a paper copy of your vaccination at the time of your visit. The organization can mail it to you after your visit.

If you want to store it on your phone, you may download it from the app or website hosted by your organization and save the file.

You can also connect the records to an app associated with SMART Health Cards like the Health Pass or CommonPass.

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