Ubisoft and Bungie both have submitted a lawsuit against Professional Cheat Distributors which widely promotes the use of cheat codes in games. Both distributors and developers are known for their popular action shooter titles like "Destiny 2," and "Tom Clancy" franchise. However, they are also known for platforms that can be plagued with game cheats. 

Cheats have been a massive problem in games over the years, especially as it is used to get the better of opponents and win a game. This dishonest way of "winning" in games is tactically used in a lot of titles, including the likes of "Call of Duty," "PUBG," and more. 

Ubisoft, Bungie Joint Lawsuit against Cheat Distributors

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joint lawsuit was passed to court by game distributors and developers, Ubisoft and Bungie, and both are on the hunt for professional cheat distributors. The Northern District of California has formally received the complaints, and would soon process the likes of a cheat company called "Ring-1" along with several users. 

Here, they sell a monthly subscription of cheats in the European region, where it has different tiers of access ranging from 25 to 30 euros. Here, users can get the best out of other players and opponents in the match, and are elusive of the security set up by both companies in their games. 

According to PC Gamer, Ring-1 is also faced with trademark infringement, especially as they also used artworks from games without the permission of both companies. 

The cheat codes offered by Ring-1 do not stop with Ubisoft and Bungie's games, as they are also offered for other shooter games like "Player Unknown's Battlegrounds," "Call of Duty Warzone," and more. 

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No More Cheating as it Costs Money

Destiny 2
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While the main reason for removing cheats is to promote honest gaming, another reason for these distributors is that they are losing a significant amount of money with these codes. 

Cheating in games was said to cost millions of revenue and potential earnings for the developers and wants to immediately stop them. 

Cheats in Games

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen
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While cheats are not celebrated and advised to be used, it has been a part of a long culture of gaming, as it was popularized in different games. Cheats are known to make gaming easier and suit the wants of a gamer without having to work hard for a certain thing. 

Cheats are popular with the likes of "The Sims" with its most popular one, being "MOTHERLODE" for money (50,000 Simoleons). Another game where cheats are rampant is "Grand Theft Auto," but more on its earlier versions as the "GTA V" now penalizes the use of said codes as well. 

However, it made its way to massive and online games in the present, with the likes of "Destiny 2" and "Tom Clancy" games, and it is disrupting the natural flow of gaming. 

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