Amazon One has a Palm Print Biometric reader, and registering under the program will guarantee a user $10 of promotional credit to be used on the company's self-checkout stores. The e-commerce company has evolved to bring the latest technology to the market, and its palm print checkout is only one of the many services they now offer.

Amazon One Palm Print Checkout
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Earlier this year in April, Amazon has introduced its palm print biometric checkout at a Whole Foods store in Seattle, Washington. The beginnings of the program is a sophisticated and ingenious use of technology that no longer requires one to bring physical plastic cards to pay for their purchases. 

It was said that Amazon is already expanding for this venture alone. 

Amazon One: Palm Print Checkout Offers $10 Promotional Credit

Amazon Introduces New Hand-Payment System; How Does 'Amazon One' Works?
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Olly Murs visits Amazon to pick, pack and personally deliver surprise gifts to a family of fans using Amazon Prime Now one-hour service on November 30, 2015 in London, England.

Amazon said that registering under Amazon One now will guarantee users a $10 promotional credit, provided that they give their "Palm Print Biometric" for this venture. The company has not yet launched its palm print checkouts in a full blast, and only a certain number of stores and branches already have this feature. 

It would promote a hands-free transaction in Amazon One stores, unlike before where they need to queue to a cashier's line, and hand over their bought goods. Amazon's self-checkout stores have been extremely popular amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, where the transmission of the virus occurs due to touching surfaces and being close to carriers. 

The company's ventures to hands-free, cash, and card-free transactions do not end here, especially as some stores already offer the "Just Walk Out" technology known as Amazon Go

Here, users can get whatever they want from a store, and simply walking out of the store already calculates everything in their possession, and deducts it from their Amazon account. 

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What Is Amazon One?

Amazon One Palm Scanner
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Amazon One is a new accounts management system within the company, and it is mostly embedded into physical stores that the company owns. Here, users only need to register their palm print biometrics, and the cards connected or linked to that account will be the ones charged for all purchases made. 

Currently, it is only available on Amazon's retail stores in Seattle, but the company aims to launch this feature soon. It may be waiting on several users to register on the service so that it may properly launch a country-wide service. Or, It may be that the company is still working on its features for this. 

Nevertheless, Amazon One is offering $10 off promotional credits for your biometrics, and it can be redeemed in-store. 

Is it Safe to Give Your Biometrics and Financial Info to Amazon?

Amazon has been faced with an Illegal Data Collection lawsuit in the EU region, where it allegedly gathered sensitive information from users without their consent. The company has been faced with a lot of data collection issues in the past, and some are still active, while some were resolved via a settlement. 

For Amazon One, users would give their consent for Amazon to store their data and biometrics, giving the company absolute power over their palm prints and card information. 

And while this is something to be wary of, Amazon promises to keep these data safe and secure, remaining only with them to be used for the said stores. 

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