Ninja Dragon Alpha Z $90 Drone | 4K Camera, Flight Moves, and More
(Photo : Screenshot From Amazon Official Website) Ninja Dragon Alpha Z $90 Drone | 4K Camera, Flight Moves, and More

The Ninja Dragon Alpha Z is a drone that sells for as low as $90 that does quite a lot considering its price! With its pretty sturdy construction, the drone hosts some pretty cool flying features and the promise of capturing in 4K resolution.

2021 Summer Olympics Tokyo

According to TheNextWeb, for those that saw the Summer Olympics opening ceremonies that took place in Japan, this is but another example of just how cool flying drones are! The event was even more spectacular with generally 1,800 drones all flying at once!

The awe-inspiring procession had 1,824 drones gather to form a cloud in the night sky over the 2021 Olympics Tokyo emblem National Stadium, according to King5, before proceeding to shift into a globe all the way high above the stadium. Granted, there were reportedly no fans in the stands to be both oohed and aahed by this particular spectacle, it was still another chance to show the world just how awesome drone piloting really is.

Ninja Dragon Alpha Z

For those that have seen what drones can do and are intensely eager to get one, the Ninja Dragon Alpha Pro 4K Wide Angle Dual Camera Drone could be an interesting pick. While most drone models only max out at 1080p resolution, the Alpha Z is capable of going truly 4K to capture amazing aerial images and videos.

The drone comes with a wide angle lens, shooters which are capable of capturing images four times the initial clarity and vibrancy of the previous 1080p footage to get absolutely beautiful pictures. For those that also want to get in on the aerial acrobatics action, the drone also has a bottom-facing 720p camera to get more footage from a unique angle as well.

Ninja Dragon Alpha Z Specs

The camera, as of the moment, is clearly the drone's selling point. The Alpha Z reportedly does not scrimp on the aerial abilities, however, the headless design allows the drone easier flight orientation. While the DJI has been a name closely known in the drone world, the question is, what about Alpha Z?

The drone also has a six-axis gyroscope, high-strength body that remains durable, and access to all four-channel flight systems to make the drone rise, fall, and even surge ahead or sometimes slide behind. This comes all with an ultra-responsive controller to help guide the drone's precision flying.

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Alpha Z Drone Tricks

The Alpha Z also has some really cool flying tricks as well. This includes a track flight mode where users can create the route that they want the drone to fly. Another gesture feature which could snap images with only a wave of the handler's hand. And yet another feature is a one-button return function to automatically call the drone black with just a simple press of a button.

The main reason why this drone is all the rage is because of its price. While other drone's might demand extremely high prices, the Ninja Dragon Alpha Z only costs as low as $90. The prices, however, are still relative depending on where they are purchased online. Imagine a drone as low as $90 versus the supposed $9,000 drone by Sony! Although the specs might not be the same, the price is definitely a huge comparison.

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