Graphing Calculator TI-84 Can Now Support Python | Introducing the TI-84 Plus CE Python
(Photo : Screenshot From Amazon Official Website) Graphing Calculator TI-84 Can Now Support Python | Introducing the TI-84 Plus CE Python

Ever imagined a graphing calculator like the TI-84 being able to support Python? Well, that just happened. Graphing calculators have long been a fun way for people to get started with programming. This is mostly through the form of games and other cheat sheets.

TI-84 Graphing Calculator

According to Gizmodo, Texas Instruments is going a step further by introducing a new TI-84 graphing calculator which could now support programming in Python itself. It is said to become available starting this fall, the TI-84 Plus CE Python graphing calculator will feature certain features like a rechargeable battery capable of lasting for up to a month and a new full-color screen.

Texas Instruments shared that the benefits of learning the very basics of Python on a calculator is mainly that the device won't have wifi, bluetooth, or even a camera. This means there will be zero distractions when one tries to learn. It was noted that after all, kids are usually wily and that it is just a matter of time before the device will start seeing some creative applications that maybe even Texas Instruments initially did not intend.

Texas Instruments Assembly, C, and Python

Just last year, Texas Instruments reportedly nerfed programming on a number of its calculators when it had to remove assembly and C support through its software update. The news reportedly upset a lot of hobbyists, who argue that the calculator was actually a perfect gateway device for certain budding programers. Aside from the Raspberry Pi that remains one of the top picks for hobbyists, the TI-84 Plus CE Python is another device worth tinkering with.

During that time, the company reportedly explained it as a way for them to help prevent cheating and users could still program through both Python and TI-BASIC. The article by Gizmodo notes that hopefully, the TI-84 Plus CE Python, as seen on PRNewsWire, can resolve a number of issues when it comes to using python on its other previous TI graphing calculators.

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TI-84 Plus CE Python

When Texas Instruments got rid of both C and assembly, a number of hobbyists pointed out that the TI calculators were actually not equipped to adequately be able to handle Python. The problem, as noted, was that both TI-BASIC and Python resulted in a slower and more power-intensive function for the medium.

As long as those issues can be addressed, however, emphasizing Python support really is quite a savvy move. Currently, it is still considered one of the most popular programming languages and it is also considered a low-cost way for individuals to start to get into basic programming.

Although Texas Instruments still has not yet revealed its price just yet, it is quite unlikely that it will cost much higher compared to the previous calculators. The new color screens, month-long battery life, lightweight bodies, and now Python are all the selling points for the new TI-84 Plus CE Python! For those into Python, there are a number of the best software testing tools that can be used to make sure you get the best results.

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