Microsoft Teams has a new feature that fans have been waiting for some time.

The latest announcement from the team revealed that the macOS app will now get native notifications. Those who have the macOS version 10.15 or later, could now use this feature.

macOS Native Notifications Support

Microsoft Teams Launches Support For macOS App's Native Notifications--How to Get Started
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Microsoft Teams rolled out the macOS' native notification earlier this week. Here's how you can enable it.

In an old Microsoft Teams forum, one person shared his idea about the OS notifications for apps.

According to the commenter, Microsoft Teams should integrate the functionality of the notifications to macOS. He also mentioned the "Do Not Disturb" settings. 

After almost five years, someone from the Teams' engineering department saw his reply, and said that they have now allowed the integration of the notifications to the operating system.

Earlier this 2021, the said feature was rolled out in Windows 10.

Last week, the native notifications were also released only for those who have the macOS version: 10.15 or newer than that.

It seemed that Microsoft Teams has pleaded the desire of the commenter from the previous forum. Besides rolling out native notifications for the macOS app, the "Do Not Disturb" settings have also been divulged along with Notification center triaging and other features.

"We are thrilled to share that Teams now supports Mac OS notifications on Mac OS 10.15 and above. With the release of this feature, Teams honors OS notification features such as Do Not Disturb, Notification center triaging, and more," Microsoft said.

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How to Enable the Native Notifications in macOS

According to 9to5Mac, here are the steps that will help you enable the notifications from your device.

  1. Begin by going to the top right of the Teams software and access the Settings. After that, head to the Notifications.

  2. Upon seeing the "Appearance and Sound," click it to go to the Notification system, and select Mac from the choices.

  3. A prompt will alert you about the notification that you have received. Tap this notification, or you can access the Apple Menu. Go to the System Preferences and open Notifications.

  4. Select Microsoft Teams from the variety of apps. Make sure to turn it on by clicking "Allow Notifications."

In related news, Microsoft Team's Clippy returned just this July after its 20-year absence. 

Furthermore, many casted their doubts on Microsoft Teams earlier this year.

According to others, it could potentially know why you blocked someone. It could also track the number of your replies to a specific person.

Meet Slack, Microsoft Teams' Rival

The competition will not be amazing if there are no competitors. In the case of Teams, Slack has been its closest competitor.

In June, the latter released the Scheduled Send features. According to the people behind it, they aim to bring convenient communication to all individuals with various time zones.

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