The University of North Carolina is now requiring its students to either get vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine or to submit regular testing. With this new requirement a UNC professor noted that the students "knew how to buy fake vaccine cards" and submit them to the university.

Fake Vaccination Cards

NBC affiliate WRAL reports that some students are even paying a hefty sum of money in order to get fake vaccination cards allowing them to pass the requirement. A UNC professor then tweeted out that students are well aware where to buy fake vaccine cards and a number of them were even submitting these cards to the university.

The report notes that students describe the experience as "easy" when talking about getting a fake ID. According to a dental student at the university, J.D. Boyd, they are on an educated college campus in one of the "most educated places in the world" questioning how people can fake vaccine cards when they have people to care about.

Orange County Health Department on Fake Cards

The Orange County Health Department officials noted to WRAL that the fake cards as well as the students that turned them in, are in fact, extremely dangerous. Orange County Health Department Todd McGee noted that if anybody is actually out there trying to get around the whole testing requirement, they believe that this is definitely something that should be dealt with severely by the university.

Students are reportedly hoping that the UNC will crackdown on the vaccine cards beyond the current "honor code" as the fall semester is approaching and the delta variant, which is spreading quickly amongst children, of the coronavirus still continues to surge all throughout the state. The senior associate vice chancellor of student success and administration at UNC, Jonathan Sauls, gave a statement to the WRAL.

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Regular Testing and Vaccine Requirements

In an article by WXII12, according to Sauls, throughout the whole pandemic, the university's students have demonstrated their own commitment when it came to limiting the spread of COVID-19 through the participation in regular testing and finally getting vaccinated. It was noted that they trust their students to do the right thing but for anyone that could be considering falsifying information regarding their vaccination status, Sauls gave a simple message "don't."

Sauls then noted that providing the university false information regarding their vaccination status is considered a violation of the University Honor Code as well as their COVID-19 Community Standards. Violations could result in disciplinary action even up to suspension from the university itself. X-ray results have shown the effects of COVID-19 on vaccinated and unvaccinated lungs.

A certain junior at the UNC, Simon Palmore, noted that the lengths that certain students are willing to go in order to subvert the university requirements and even subvert their duty to their fellow students to keep everyone safe is quite "disturbing." Palmore noted a number of his classmates actually decided to buy vaccine cards in order to send them to the university.

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