Top NFT Games for Passive Income Like 'Axie Infinity' | How to Play 'CryptoBlades'
(Photo : Screenshot From Cryptoblades Website) Top NFT Games for Passive Income Like 'Axie Infinity' | How to Play 'CryptoBlades'

There's been a lot of fuzz about "Axie Infinity," and for those that are looking for other NFT games for passive income but don't want to spend that much on playing "Axie Infinity," there's another more affordable game that might also blow up.

It's important to measure that as of the moment, there is no telling if "CryptoBlades" will become as big as "Axie Infinity" as seen in the massive drop that happened over the latter of June 2021.

"CryptoBlades" is a casual NFT game that has been able to bring some gamers casual profits as they battle other gamers to earn $SKILL, the cryptocurrency that is traded within the game.

For those that have no idea on how to get started, an article by LevelDash walks players through setting up their accounts.

How to Play "CryptoBlades":

1. Make a MetaMask Wallet

Make a MetaMask wallet and install the app to your device.

Click "Configure MetaMask'' on the CryptoBlades app homepage to add configuration for Binance Smart Chain and $SKILL tokens.

2. Check $SKILL Price

Make sure you have enough $SKILL to purchase your very first "CryptoBlades" character. Go to the "CryptoBlades" homepage to see how much $SKILL and $BNB is needed.

Players can start with one to four characters. Make sure you have extra $SKILL to buy weapons and forge them at the blacksmith. Make sure to check the price of "Forge" as well.

3. Buy $BNB Tokens

Make sure you have enough $BNB tokens for your character, fees, and weapons.

4. Send Your $BNB to Your MetaMask Wallet

Withdraw your $BNB from a cryptocurrency exchanger and transfer it to your MetaMask wallet. Make sure that the MetaMask is connected to the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet.

Copy and paste the wallet address. Use the address for withdrawing $BNB to put into MetaMask.

Here's a more thorough guide to walk you through.

5. Buy $SKILL Tokens through ApeSwap

Once you have $BNB tokens, go to ApeSwap and connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking the "Connect to a wallet" button to swap for $SKILL. Swap the $BNB for $SKILL tokens and make sure you have enough for transaction fees.

6. Recruit Your First Character and Start Forging

Go to the Plaza and buy your first character and weapon. Players will get a starter character carrying a random element as well as a 1-star weapon.

7. Start Fighting

Go to the "Combat" tab and choose the character and weapon to start fighting enemies.

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It is important to note that like other NFT games, "CryptoBlades" allow players to earn depending on the price of $SKILL, which would mean the higher the price of the $SKILL token, the more players can earn.

There are also other NFT coins that have been paired with other NFT games, like $AXS and more.

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