Best Buy's Insignia TV model could soon have the so-called quantum dot filters. Tech experts and critics explained that this new enhancement would allow the television to offer more vibrant and HD pictures and other visual outputs.

Best Buy's Greatest Purchase section will specifically offer the new tv model as a part of the giant online store's continuation of its TV partnership with Amazon, one of the big retailers in the United States.

Interested consumers can definitely expected enhanced screen output from the popular Insignia model since Samsung's new television models are also taking advantage of the new quantum dot filters. If you have no idea what QD filters are, they are nano-crystals that could improve or boost the vibrancy of RGB sub-pixels.

Aside from Insignia and Samsung, other giant screen manufacturers are also integrating the new technology. These include LG NanoCell TVs, TCL QLED, Vizio Quantum Collection, and other popular brands.

Insignia TV's Other New Features

According to Best Gaming Pro's latest report, the new Insignia F50 TV collection will also offer other enhancements aside from the new quantum dot filters. Buyers will soon enjoy the model's upcoming Dolby Imaginative and prescient HDR, as well as DTS Digital:X speaker expertise.

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These new functionalities will offer new and improved 3D audio. On the other hand, some rumors also claimed that the latest Best Buy Insignia TV would have an Alexa voice assistant. They added that this would certainly happen since Best Buy still has Amazon's Heart TV platform.

On the other hand, the new screen model could arrive this summer, around August or September. However, the giant online store still hasn't confirmed the exact release date. When it comes to pricing, the new TV brand will start at around $600.

The new Insignia TV model could also give two variants: 50-inch and 70-inch sizes.

Is It Better Than Samsung QD-OLED TV? 

Since not much information about the new Best Buy Insignia TV model is confirmed, it is hard to conclude that the new screen brand is better than Samsung's QD-OLED TV. 

However, Sam Mobile reported that the Apple competitor's product offers more features compared to Insignia. As of the moment, the new Samsung QD-OLED TV hasn't arrived yet. Some speculations claimed that the new product could arrive in the first half of 2022. 

On the other hand, various rumors added that the new Samsung device could be showcased during the company's upcoming Consumer Electronics Show 2022. 

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