Best Buy PS5 Restock 'Might' Happen Soon as Xbox Series X Restock Just Dropped
(Photo : Screenshot From PlayStation Official Website) Best Buy PS5 Restock 'Might' Happen Soon as Xbox Series X Restock Just Dropped

Best Buy PS5 restock could be happening soon as a PS5 restock tracker reveals an interesting potential pattern. Getting the new PlayStation 5 is getting increasingly difficult as gamers struggle to compete against scalpers that are buying out any available PS5 stock online.

Best Buy PS5 Restock Online

According to a certain PS5 restock twitter account, there could be an upcoming Best Buy PS5 restock due to the Xbox Series X restock just dropping. Apparently, the PS5 restock tracker suggests that due to the Xbox Series X restock happening earlier, there could be a PS5 restock drop to follow.

While this has not yet been confirmed, this is actually something that has happened in the past. Sometimes PS5 stock online drops on certain online retailers and are followed by the Xbox Series X just shortly after or vice versa. Of course, this is not always the case. However, there have been instances where the two consoles follow each other.

PlayStation 5 Global Chip Shortage

Although it's been a significant amount of months since the console previously launched, buying the PlayStation 5 online is extremely hard to do due to not just scalpers but other gamers as well. Sony themselves announced that they struggle to keep up with the PlayStation 5 demand due to the global chip shortage.

The same global chip shortage has also affected the Sony PlayStation 5 Microsoft counterpart, the Xbox Series X. Due to the global shortage, the production of these consoles have been very limited. This means that it will be very hard to purchase the console online due to limited availability.

PS5 Restock Online

When the PS5 restock online happens, it does not usually happen in three digit numbers or four digit numbers but just in two digit or one digit numbers. This means restocks are often below 100 when they happen. Sometimes only a few consoles even below 10 will be released per online retailer online making it extremely hard for gamers.

Nowadays, gamers refer to buying the PS5 as "lucky" since most gamers, despite moving fast, find themselves too late. In fact, some gamers note that in less than three seconds, the stock is already gone. Despite moving fast, gamers are still struggling to get their hands on any available PS5 online restock.

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PS5 Restock Trackers Online

The best way for gamers to stand a fighting chance, however, is to follow certain PS5 restock trackers online. These trackers provide notifications as to when new stock is available. Although they might not always be that timely, they do provide news as to when new stock is spotted online.

There are a few PS5 restock twitter accounts that have been extremely effective in the past like Wario64. The account has reportedly helped a number of gamers get their hands on the PlayStation 5 whenever it is available. 

As of the moment, gamers are also struggling to get decent GPUs. The problem has been saturated not just because of scalpers but also cryptocurrency miners.

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