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Samsung's Tab S7 FE is officially coming to the United States, and it will be available in cellular-connected 5G and Wi-Fi models.

The two tablets will have a 12.4-inch screen, and although the quality and connectivity is a downgrade from the Samsung Tab S7+, it has its benefits.

Samsung's Tab S7 FE to Officially Launch in the US

The tablets will be available starting Aug. 5. The price for the Wi-Fi model is $530, while the price for the 5G model is $670. The Tab S7 FE does not have a 120Hz OLED display, it has no 800-series Snapdragon chipset and less RAM.

The Samsung Tab S7 FE 5G model is Samsung second tablet to get the 5G connectivity after the Galaxy Tab S6.

The Wi-Fi model will come with a 778G Snapdragon chipset, while the 5G model will come with the 750G Snapdragon chipset. This will be the first time that a device in the US has a chipset that is less than 800.

The 778G Snapdragon is a new chip with a brand new generation of GPU and CPU core. It also has a smaller node compared to the 800 Snapdragon, according to XDA Developers.

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In short, the Wi-Fi model is a bit faster than the 5G model, but the difference may not be that significant in practice. The 778G Snapdragon chip also supports newer connectivity standards such as Wi-Fi 6e and Bluetooth 5.2.

Samsung stated that the cheaper version of the S7 FE tablet would technically have better hardware than the expensive one but fewer features, according to The Verge.

Features and Specs

Both tablets will have a 12.4-inch display, but it won't be OLED or 120Hz, unlike the other Tab S7 models. The S7 FE tablets will only have a 60Hz display, but its resolution of 2560x1600 is pretty high.

As for the cameras, you can expect that the quality is not at par with the Samsung S7+. Both models will have a single MP shooter on the back and a 5MP camera in front for selfies. Expect some pictures to appear grainy when you take pictures in low lit areas.

The Samsung S7 FE tablets are both equipped with advanced internet connectivity and wireless charging. It has up to 45W of charging speed, which means it takes 45 minutes to an hour for the tablets to be fully charge, according to CNET.

The tablets have the same battery size as that of the Samsung Tab S7+. With a decent-sized battery and the Snapdragon chip, the tablets could consume less power, extending the device's battery life.

As expected, the tablets will come with an S-Pen in-box for scribbling like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Even though it does not have a slot on-device, the S-Pen can be attached to the tablet's back, so you don't lose it. A pogo connector is located on the bottom so that you can use it with the Keyboard Book Cover accessory.

Samsung promises that it will roll out system updates for the two tablets every three months.

Even though the tech company has not announced a precise update schedule, it has promised the Tab S6 Lite, the S7, and the Tab S7+ four years of system update, so there is a change that the company will do the same for the two Tab S7 FE models.

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