#BoycottPokemonGO suddenly trends on Twitter and other giant social media platforms after some of the most high-profile players called out Niantic. They are now asking the giant game publisher to bring back the game's advanced Extended Interaction Range feature. 

#BoycottPokemonGO: Most High Profile Players Release Open Letter To Niantic—They Want Extended Interaction Range To Remain
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Pokemon GO players meet at Sydney Opera House on July 20, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. The Opera House hosted a Pokemon gathering, adding lures to all nearby Pokestops. The augmented reality app requires players to look for Pokemon in their immediate surroundings with the use of GPS and internet services turning the whole world into a Pokemon region map.

Niantic already announced that it will be removing the said function last June. However, it rescheduled the removal since the ongoing pandemic is still affecting many countries across the globe. 

Although many gamers said that they are against the decision of the gaming company, the giant title publisher still continued its plan last Sunday, August 1. Because of these, players in the United States and New Zealand were affected. 

Now, some popular "Pokemon GO" streamers called out Niantic in their latest open letter. These include PokeBattler, ZoeTwoDots, PokeMiners, Ryan Swag, Joe Merrick, Pope Dave, PvPoke, and other high-profile gamers. 

#BoycottPokemonGO Trends After Extended Interaction Range Removal 

The open letter created by various famous "Pokemon GO" players was published in Reddit. Aside from #BoycottPokemonGO, they also made the #HearUsNiantic popular on Twitter. 

#BoycottPokemonGO: Most High Profile Players Release Open Letter To Niantic—They Want Extended Interaction Range To Remain
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Gamers play with the Pokemon Go application on their mobile phone, at the Grote Markt in Haarlem, on July 13, 2016. (Photo by Remko de Waal / ANP / AFP) / Netherlands OUT

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"Community and Creators alike wish to voice our concern and disappointment over recent changes to the Pokéstop interaction radius reduction in Pokémon GO," said the high profile players. 

They added that the game's Extended Interaction Range feature provides various benefits for all the Pokemon trainers across the globe. The high profile streamers added that the in-game functionality makes them safe, allows them to have more accessibility, as well as spread greater respect to various establishments and non-gamer individuals on their way. 

ZoeTwoDots, PokeMiners, and other players involved in the latest open letter also provided the benefits that they are having before the Niantic removed its Extended Interaction Range: 

  • Not 'needing' to trespass on private property to reach or interact with a point of interest.
  • Trainers with young children or in a position of care could more safely interact with points of interest while maintaining a safe environment for those in their care.
  • General personal safety for social distancing during the ongoing global pandemic. 

Other Details of #BoycottPokemonGO

According to Dot Esports' latest report, the removal of the pre-pandemic in-game changes is now affecting many "Pokemon GO" communities. 

Some of the title's fans are even threatening Niantic and its CEO, John Hanke, saying that they will leave the game if the game publisher disregards their concerns. As of the moment, Niantic still hasn't commented on the issue. 

On the other hand, the open letter said that Niantic only has until Aug. 9 to respond to the streamers and other normal gamers.

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