Razer's Project Hazel Mask is now under public "beta tests," and it allows its distribution to those who want to use the mask amid this COVID-19 mask policy of the country. Smart Masks have made its presence known to the public, and this proves that the virus is not yet over, despite being on a low before when vaccines initially started rolling out. 

People thought the world is healing and several places in the country dropped its mask requirements, but then the Delta variant came along and has put everyone's lives at risk. 

It was initially perceived that masks are long gone, as Project Hazel was developed almost a year into the pandemic, people were teasing it to be intended for the next virus. 

But they were wrong. 

Project Hazel now Razer Zephyr

Razer Project Hazel is now named 'Zephyr'
(Photo : Razer)
Razer's Zephyr is having its beta test for people that wants to use the mask, and be protected against the Delta Variant.

Razer's website now refers to the Project Hazel as "Razer Zephyr," and it joins the branding of the company of gaming devices that use scientific animal names and objects as its branding. People got used to the name "Project Hazel," it stuck on, and the company only changed it on this update.

The name may be different, but it is still the same product that provides an RGB colorway, an N95 mask design, a PM 2.5 filtration system, a transparent surface, and a mic and speaker setup for voice amplification. 

That voice feature also doubles as a scrambler that can be programmed like a robot. 

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What is Razer's Beta Test for the Smart Mask

Razer Project Hazel
(Photo : Razer)

On Twitter, Razer has announced that it has a "Beta Test" for the Smart Mask, intended for interested users of the product. The company is inviting a lot of people to this venture and wants to invite as many people as possible for this venture. 

It was not revealed by the company, how many users it would send its masks to, and when it would do this venture. However, the sign-up page is still available via Razer's website, and it still accepts applications from users who want to test and receive the device to help the company.

Not only would it help Razer's development team, but also protect people from COVID, at the same time be stylish and convey emotions.

How to Apply for Razer Zephyr Beta Testing

Razer Project Hazel
(Photo : Razer)

The sign-up process is easy, and users only need to Razer's beta testing sign-up page to register (same as the link above). 

Users would need to provide their country of residence, full name, email address, social media links, and their reason for joining the Beta Testing procedures. People only need to answer this truthfully, and Razer would be the one to choose among its pool of applicants. 

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