The pandemic's dawn has drawn technology companies to innovate against the virus that brought the world to its knees, which resulted in the lack of personal protective equipment like face masks. The debut of smart masks started with Razer's Project Hazel Smart Mask, which was then followed by and Honeywell's Xupermask. 

Razer Project Hazel
(Photo : Razer)

The real question for now and the soon arrival of these smart masks for the public's convenience is which mask is the more technologically advanced, budget-friendly, and overall better in protecting against COVID-19. The match-up against these smart masks would look into the features that it has released online, as its review cannot be in a practical sense as it has not yet been released to the public.

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Xupermask by and Honeywell
(Photo : Honeywell)

In a surprising announcement by the Black Eyed Peas rapper,, the Xupermask is a collaboration with Honeywell and would be released by Thursday, April 8 to ship to the country. What sets the Xupermask apart is that its announcement was released as it draws near its expected arrival in stores, allowing people to purchase and use it immediately.

The smart mask would have an active HEPA filtration system that can be replaced with filters inside its breathing holes for regular and daily use. What boasted off is that the Xupermask would provide a snug fit, along with the bundled TWS Bluetooth earbuds that can easily connect to the smartphone, providing a solution to the face mask and earphones combo.

Air circulation is also a technology it features to keep the nose and mouth area cool, and breathable.

The smart device is priced at $299.99 with its Xupermask refill for filters is priced at $27.99 for three filters, good for 30 or more days of use (based on usage).

Razer's Project Hazel Smart Mask

Razer Project Hazel
(Photo : Razer)

The announcement from Razer came from last January 2021, debuting the early look on the company's Project Hazel, which is a transparent face mask that features protection from COVID-19 and a stylish appearance. It is worth noting that the "project" has now turned to a prototype, as revealed last March, and would soon be available to the public.

Razer's smart mask features a tight fit on the face, combined with rubbers and high-grade plastics to seal the mask on the beholder, and allows air circulation to flow via the built-in air holes. These holes are where filters would also be installed, and since it is airtight shut on one's face, Razer has included a built-in microphone and speakers to get the word out.

This speaker can also be set to a robot voice, and that it brings a customizable RGB colorway that can be changed based on one's mood or preference. Razer's smart mask still has no price from the company.

Razer Smart Mask vs. Xupermask: Which is Better?

In terms of functionality and availability,'s Xupermask is the way to go, especially as it nears its release in a few hours, making people able to get their hands on the tech with Bluetooth and COVID-19 protection. Moreover, Razer's Smart Mask is still under production and would not arrive anytime soon.

Razer Project Hazel
(Photo : Razer)

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