Dementia diagnosis currently takes several scans and tests, which occur in multiple weeks or even months. But a group of scientists is working to change that by detecting the illness in a single brain scan via AI or artificial intelligence tech.

Dementia Diagnosis in a Single Brain Scan? Scientists Test AI That Detect, Predict Condition
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Dementia diagnosis in a single brain scan could be possible as scientists are testing an AI or artificial intelligence that detect and predict the condition.

Not just that, the AI tool also predicts the severity of the dementia condition by showing if it needs immediate treatment, or if it will remain stable in the years to come.

It is also worth noting that the pre-clinical tests of the AI tool diagnose dementia even before symptoms start to exhibit.

As per Alzheimer's Association, Dementia is the general term for multiple thinking difficulties, such as memory loss, language problems, and problem-solving struggles. Also, the said condition is commonly due to Alzheimer's disease.

Meanwhile, WHO noted a good diet paired with proper exercise lowers the risk of dementia.

Dementia Diagnosis in a Single Brain Scan

BBC reported that the group of researchers studying the next-generation dementia detection is composed of neuroscientists from Cambridge University, alongside a consultant neurologist, Tim Ritman, who leads the study of the system.

Ritman further dubbed the AI detection tool as a "fantastic development," and further noted that dementia is "really devastating for people.

Thus, he said that whenever he had to inform his patients about the diagnosis of the condition, Ritman makes sure that he provides further information about dementia to help these people plan their lives.

Dementia Diagnosis via Artificial Intelligence

The AI system by Zoe Kourtzi, a fellow of the national center for artificial intelligence and data science and a Cambridge University professor, allows patients to treat dementia before it starts wreaking havoc on their bodies.

The system of Kourtzi works by comparing the brain scan of the patient to the results of others who were previously diagnosed with dementia, along with their other medical records that may be relevant.

On top of that, the AI tech used to analyze the brain scan can outperform even an expert neurologist as it can understand patterns that the latter could not identify.

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Dementia AI Diagnosis: Clinical Tests 

Currently, the detection system is undergoing trials at Addenbrooke's Hospital and other similar clinics in the United Kingdom to know if the tool works in a clinical setting.

The first year of the trial will test about 500 patients, and results will be sent to their doctors for further examination and treatment prescription.

BBC was able to talk to one of the first participants of the early trials of the AI dementia diagnostic system, who is a 75-year-old retired executive from a meat company, Denis Clark.

The patient's wife was concerned that her husband is developing dementia after showing signs of memory loss. That said, Penelope, the other half of Clark, expressed her relief that the diagnosis of the condition is progressing at a faster pace.

Elsewhere, this dementia calculator predicts and reduces the risk of the illness.

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