"Grand Theft Auto 5" Expanded and Enhanced Edition, the title's upcoming next-gen update, could allow it to run at 4K 60fps on PlayStation 5 platform.

Sony announced this information in its official blog post. The tech developer confirmed that the new action game could be released on the PS5 platform this Nov. 11.

However, this could still be a subject to change depending on the issues and other production problems that the company might face.

"You've never seen the criminal metrople Los Santos so beautiful when the skyline shines in crisp 4K resolution thanks to a fat graphics update and you make the city extremely smoothly insecure thanks to a smooth 60 FPS," said Sony.

'Grand Theft Auto 5' 4k 60fps Version To Arrive!

According to Euro Gamer's latest report, the new "Grand Theft Auto 5" Expanded and Enhanced Edition, the standalone version of the popular title, would be available for free.

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However, this offer would only be exclusive for PlayStation 5 owners during the first three months. After that, they need to buy the game starting on February 2022.

On the other hand, if you are a PlayStation Plus member, there's a high chance that you will receive a $1 million in-game currency for the upcoming update of "GTA 5." You can get it from the official PlayStation Store until the game's Expanded and Enhanced Edtion is launched.

Aside from "Grand Theft Auto 5" next-gen update, Sony's blog post also confirmed that there are also other exciting titles to arrive on the PS5 platform:

  • "Ghostrunner" (October 27)
  • "Aliens: Fireteam Elite" (August 24)
  • "Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut" (August 20)
  • "Life is Strange: True Colors" (September 10)
  • "Tales of Arise" (September 10)
  • "Deathloop" (September 14)
  • "Battlefield 2042" (October 22)

Sony To Release Abandone PS5 App 

Aside from the upcoming release of "GTA 5" Expanded and Enhanced Edition, Games Radar reported that Sony could also release the so-called Abandoned PS5 application. 

This new app allows players to have their first proper look at an upcoming game. However, it is still unknown if you can use this new application to check the upcoming "Grand Theft Auto 5" next-gen update. 

Although this is the case, Sony still confirmed some very important details of its new Abandoned PlayStation 5 app. The company explained that it could achieve its main purpose using the new feature called Realtime Experience, which also offers a game's high-end graphics.

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