OpenAI, one of the largest artificial intelligence developers across the globe, confirmed that it would soon release a new machine learning tool called Codex. 

OpenAI Codex Has Efficiency of Multiple Programmers—Translating English Language Into Codes To Make Games, Sites, and MORE!
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A picture taken on October 17, 2016 shows an employee walking behind a glass wall with machine coding symbols at the headquarters of Internet security giant Kaspersky in Moscow. The US government banned the use of Kaspersky security software in federal offices on September 13, 2017, saying the Russian company has risky ties to Russian intelligence.

The giant tech developer claimed that this new advanced software could work with the efficiency of multiple programmers. OpenAI added that it is specifically designed to make the works of professional ITs and other programmers faster. 

Aside from this, the company also claimed that the new Codex software could also help newbies learn to code quicker than they expect.

During the recent demonstrations, the tech firm revealed that the new machine learning tool could use the English language, verbal or written, to develop simple online games, LAN titles, and websites. 

On the other hand, OpenAI also reiterated that its new artificial intelligence model could also tackle data science queries and translate between different programming languages. 

OpenAI Codex Software's Major Details

According to The Verge's latest report, the new Codex software is quite simple to use. The giant developer explained that you need to type all the things you want to see on your website or page. 

OpenAI Codex Has Efficiency of Multiple Programmers—Translating English Language Into Codes To Make Games, Sites, and MORE!

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Davor, a 53 year old programmer writes code and works on computer while walking on a treadmill on February 5, 2021 in Putal, Slovenia. He had his veins in his leg bypassed and cannot stand for longer periods of time. As he is computer programer he usually walked 30km per day on average while writing code. Davor got infected with COVID-19 in September 2020, since then he can walk maximum of 4 km per day as he suffers the long term disease, leaving consequences on his ability to focus and to maintain the energy.

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Thanks to the new artificial intelligence tool, professional and amateur programmers could now create websites and games by just describing everything they want to see on the webpage or title. 

"Programming has two parts to it: you have 'think hard about a problem and try to understand it,' and 'map those small pieces to existing code, whether it's a library, a function, or an API," said Greg Brockman, the co-founder and CTO of OpenAI. 

He added that their new advanced machine learning tool could remove the heavy workloads of programmers. In other news, NASA's sun images could soon be enhanced, thanks to new AI. Aside from NASA, it seems like the U.S. Military also wants to venture into artificial intelligence.  

Other Machine Learning Tools of OpenAI

Aside from Codex, OpenAI also released the new Triton machine learning tool. This new artificial intelligence is a programming language for AI workload optimization.

The AI developer explained that it allows researchers to write highly efficient GPU code for AI workloads, as reported by Venture Beat. This means that Triton could allow hardware to reach peak performance with little effort. 

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