Capacity, the developer of an AI-powered support platform, teams up with Citeline Connect to launch a Moderna clinical trial recruitment website aided by an AI-powered chatbot to assist potential study participants.

Citeline Connect is the one-stop-shop clinical trial recruitment platform developed by Informa Pharma Intelligence, a leading intelligence provider in the pharmaceutical and Medtech markets. Through the new partnership, clients like Moderna can have access to engaging websites for their clinical trial recruitment activities.

Through the Capacity AI chatbot and support automation technology paired with the Citeline Connect expertise in clinical trial recruitment platform development, users can easily and actively complete their registration and pre-screening with an intuitive user interface.  

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Capacity's Growing Presence Across Industries

"Our work with Citeline Connect is reflective of our ultimate goal at Capacity, leveraging a company's existing knowledge base with support automation to help teams do their best work," shares Capacity CEO David Karandish. He adds that while relief from the COVID-19 is already visible, there's still a lot of work to be done. Their partnership with Citeline Connect would provide helpful technology for providers, researchers, and patients.

The two companies' first-of-its-kind venture is expected to enhance user experience. Capacity's chatbot uses user-friendly technology in providing users with meaningful responses through its large knowledge base.

"We are proud of our ability to create more opportunities for the public to engage with important clinical trials," said Citeline Connect chief commercial officer Chris Venezia. "Working with Capacity is a no-brainer to provide an extensive solution that meets the needs of potential patients and the clinical trial sponsors. They make it easy for both potential and current study participants to ask questions, find clinical trial information, and begin their study enrollment journey."

The new partnership with Citeline Connect comes as Capacity grows across different industries. Its AI-powered support platform was recently recognized as the "Adaptive Learning Innovation of the Year" in the recent EdTech Breakthrough Awards, one of HousingWire's "Tech 100 Mortgage Winner," and more. Additionally, Capacity has recently raised  $12M in its Series C funding round last 2020.

About Capacity

Capacity is an AI-powered support automation platform that connects an organization's entire tech stack to answer user inquiries, automate repetitive support tasks, and ultimately build solutions to an organization's challenge. Originally founded by David Karandish and Chris Sims in 2017, Capacity is a startup under the incubator. For more information, visit the official Capacity website or through its Twitter (@CapacityAI).

About Citeline Connect

Citeline Connect is the all-in-one clinical trial recruitment platform accelerating medical trial enrollment through its innovative technology. The platform is developed by Informa Pharma Intelligence, which also developed a powerful suite of pharmaceutical and medical analysis products to deliver industry-needed data to create informed decisions and lead to real-world opportunities for growth. Its trust product range includes Datamonitor HealthcareTM, PharmaprojectsTM, SitetroveTM, BiomedtrackerTM, TrialtroveTM, ScripTM, Pink SheetTM, and In VivoTM.

Including more than 400 analysts closely monitoring the trends and pulses of the industry, Informa Pharma Intelligence leaves no key disease, clinical trial, drug approval, or R&D project uncovered through the range of data available to customers. More information is available at the Informa Pharma Intelligence website.

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