Elon Musk has given Rivian an advice via Twitter, where he said something about the company's plans in setting up a second manufacturing plant. The new facility of Rivian would be situated in Fort Worth, Texas as speculations say, but Musk has been there and done that with Tesla, hence the words of wisdom.

Rivian is a popular electric vehicle startup that has a lot of important people and companies backing it up, and one of which is the largest e-commerce platform in the world, Amazon. The first electric vehicle it initially debuted is the Rivian R1T and it is one of the first electric pickups that is nearing its availability in the market.

Elon Musk Gives Friendly Advice to Rivian

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Tesla CEO, Elon Musk (@elonmusk), replied to an article about Rivian's 2nd manufacturing facility that is most likely to be set up in Fort Worth, TX.

Here, Rivian would expand its manufacturing as it focuses on the nearing release of its electric vehicle. The R1T pickup and R1S SUV, are due at the end of this Third Quarter, or in September.

Musk told Rivian to focus on their first plant first, as it is "insanely difficult" to have volume production or make lots of the production EVs, at an affordable cost. The billionaire CEO somehow shares his experiences with Tesla as it was starting, which has faced a lot of controversies and doubts about its EVs.

The friendly advice was given by Musk for free via Twitter, and this shows that despite the competition, the CEO wants all businesses and startups to prosper, in the name of technological advancement.

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Rivian R1T vs. Tesla Cybertruck

Rivian R1T
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It is known that Rivian has a lot of signups and preorders on the R1T, and it is a popular name in the electric vehicle industry because of its capabilities, features, and as one of the first electric pickups.

According to Teslarati, Rivian is already talking about its second plant, and it would be in the home state of SpaceX, in Texas.

Rivian R1T is known to go up against the Tesla Cybertruck, where the latter vehicle was known to be revealed earlier in 2018. However, as production issues were met by Tesla, it seems that Rivian would be going ahead, in terms of releasing the early models of an electric pickup.

Rivian's Presence in the EV World

RIvian has teased its electric pick-up a lot of times earlier this year, which includes the first-look test drive of the actual unit in rocky areas, by none other than its CEO. Here, it is shown that the R1T can do what a normal truck does, and that is to show its climbing power on steep hills or challenging terrains.

The EV startup has given Tesla a run for its money, as the latter is being established as one of the most prominent clean energy companies in the world.

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