Celia Smith Gives an Insight into her Life Full of Peaks and Valleys Before Earning the Badge of a High-Class Entrepreneur
(Photo : Celia Smith)

In the words of Graham Green, "There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in", and this prolific quote defines Celia Smith . A high-end entrepreneur who defied the odds in her childhood to live the life of her dreams. We know her as a successful woman on social media, but very few are aware of her rollercoaster life journey. Born in Vail, Colorado, she was raised in a well-cultured family. Her competitive spirit and born to win aspect were imbibed by Celia's father. Before analyzing and looking at her larger-than-life persona, Celia has had her fair of struggles.  

Throwing light on the days of her high school, she revealed how she was bullied. "The easiest things looked hard, and making friends became next to impossible for me", revealed Celia. Things seemed to be difficult for her, but she coped up with the difficulties and discovered her hobbies. With time, the gradual shift and interest in sports saw Celia breaking records in skiing, basketball, volleyball and soccer. Taking a stand for herself, public opinion did not matter for Celia as her only focus was to be the best version of herself. Moreover, her keen interest in creative photography helped her make friends.

Sports and photography became a part of Celia's life, and during the weekend games, she would meet those individuals from different walks of life. That was the turning point of her life when she got in touch with luxurious resorts with her group of friends, and it was the beginning of her company 'Weekender Productions' - a travel retreat platform for all the elite entrepreneurs across the world. For Celia, life had been all about travel for almost a year. During this time, she built a strong rapport with creators, entrepreneurs, and influencers who had one common interest - adventure.

Conscious of a broader conception of the business, scrutinizing the art of branding luxurious cars, resorts, yachts, and private aircraft, she took 'Weekender Productions' to a new level. However, during her travel journey in Hawaii, her content on social media created a lot of waves. While many appreciated her work, some would also express disinterest in the content created by her. The visionary entrepreneur, however, envisaged her future, and her positive mindset helped her travel all over the world.

Speaking about the transition, the entrepreneur said, "You grow when you surround yourself with like-minded people. I have been around entrepreneurs all these years, and I have got to learn so much from different people. Having done almost eight trips during the COVID-19 pandemic, I managed to conduct personal branding programs for creators and brands." The retreat program majorly focuses on personal development and helps individuals to be independent. "Imagine putting Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs in a room. That's the purpose I have with 'Weekenders Productions', and I am sure people associated with it will succeed", quoted Celia. Many of the company's programs have helped people earn a reputation across different aspects of life.  

"You are the company you keep. Always surround yourself with positivity and cut off toxic relationships from your life", added Celia Smith. Not just this, the wealthy entrepreneur earlier inspired two girls to venture into a similar business of retreats during her trip to Jamaica.

Further on, Celia's plans are to create a subscription-based travel platform for influencers and creators. Helping many brands with marketing strategies, the entrepreneur has now truly mastered herself in the field of social media strategy. Giving a piece of advice to all the creators, she revealed that bold and sexy content is not necessary, but value and authentic content is of utmost importance.

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