"Power Rangers" was supposed to be a 2016 AAA game hidden under the codename, "Project NOMAD," but was a project that did not take off.

Supposedly, "Power Rangers" would be in the position where "Gotham Knights" is now, but since the project did not get into developing, it was left in concept arts and a written script from developers.

The game was supposed to be something that follows the 2017 film of the same title, "Power Rangers," which had a mixed reception, but ultimately became a fan favorite. Not only did it bring the Rangers into a larger screen and platform, but were also close to reviving the franchise of the early 2000s.

Power Rangers is 2016 AAA 'Project NOMAD'

Power Rangers AAA Game called Project NOMAD
(Photo : Jason Bischoff via Twitter)
Supposed Power Rangers AAA Game called Project NOMAD

In 2016, a so-called "Project NOMAD" was pitched to Saban Entertainment, and it was a 2016 AAA game which would have a massive production. According to the then head of the franchise, Jason Bischoff (@shadowpiper), the game was a concept that would take on a massive production, aiming to give the Rangers a new name.

However, as is observed now, the game was not brought into production and remained as a concept within the company. Bischoff's Twitter thread explains the bittersweet ignorance of the game, which eventually led to other projects, but not for "Power Rangers."

Power Rangers AAA Game called Project NOMAD
(Photo : Jason Bischoff via Twitter)

The game would be in the tone of the popular "Batman: Arkham" series, which is known for its gritty single-player RPG that borders heavily on the storyline or plot. The higher-ups had no budget to continue the Project NOMAD, as its focus was intended for other games.

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'Power Rangers' was Supposed to be What 'Gotham Knights' Is

As Bischoff has mentioned, "Power Rangers" would have been "Gotham Knights" five years before the latter was announced. What does this mean? The game centering on the "Power Rangers" would expand more on the "Rangers" from around the galaxy, and not focus on Earth's protectors only.

"Gotham Knights" is known for its culmination of the Bat-family, bringing the likes of different Robins, Nightwing, Batgirl, Alfred, the Batman, and more.

One concept art made by Carlos Dattoli shows the pitch of the Rangers, with villains, and their Tyrannosaurus Rex robot fighter. The concept was favored by the producers but did not quite get into development.

Would They Continue Now?

Currently, there is no news if whether Bischoff and his team would continue the project now, especially as it has been revealed to the public and was met with high praises. Certainly, this game is something for the fans of the "Power Rangers" franchise, which has been massive since the early 1990s.

The same fate falls on the "Power Rangers" movie which was adapted by Lionsgate Movies as a box-office production, where the 2nd installment remains a mystery for people.

The game would have given fans and gamers a new plot to discover and venture on, especially as it focuses on humans, aliens, and robots, bordering on sci-fi nostalgia of the past.

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