Razer's Keycap Upgrade Kit offers mechanical keyboard enthusiasts a new customization option to spice up their desktop setup based on their personal preferences.

Razer’s Keycap Upgrade Kit Provides New Customization Option for Mechanical Keyboard Entusiasts
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As per Gizmodo Australia, mechanical keyboards and customization videos about it have been one of the recent hypes, filling Instagram and TikTok with sleek and clean desk setups flaunting personalized keycaps.

This new customization trend on mechanical keyboards has paved the way to give users color options away from the usual black computer accessories.

Razer Keycap Upgrade Kit

It is worth noting that Razer, which recently teased a smart mask, is one of the brands that decided to go all black on their peripherals designed for gamers.

However, this time around, it seems that the company is also offering new customization options for its users with the new Keycap Upgrade Kit.

The first attempt of Razer to enter the lucrative $1.4 billion mechanical keyboard market is not limited to keycap variations.

According to IGN, one of the kits includes colorful keycaps with translucent walls, which allows the RGB lighting to light up more--also known as "Pudding," and likewise multi-colored braided cables.

Moreover, there are various Keycap Upgrade Sets, namely the Phantom Keycap Upgrade Set and the PBT Keycap + Coiled Cable Upgrade Set.

Phantom Keycap Upgrade Set

The Phantom Keycap Upgrade Set, which sells at $35, includes a 128-keycap set in black or white. It is compatible with multiple layout sizes of Razer keyboards, such as the Mini, Tenkeyless, and full-sized options.

However, the Phantom keycaps set does not fit 65% sized mechanical keyboards. Nevertheless, it is compatible regardless if it is the United States or United Kingdom layout.

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Razer PBT Keycap + Coiled Cable Upgrade Set

As the name of the upgrade set suggests, it includes not just keycaps, but coiled cable as well.

To give context, PBT is one of the plastic materials used for keycaps. The other common choice is ABS.

To compare, the ABS is the cheaper option and more widely used than the latter, but it is known to become shiny over time and collect grease easily.

On the other hand, although PBT is less frequently seen in keycaps, it is superior to ABS as its matte finish is less susceptible to dirt. Not to mention that it is also more durable than its other counterpart.

The PBT Keycap Upgrade Set, which costs $30, offers multiple color options for the keycaps and the cable, such as pink, white, green, and black.

Meanwhile, the $20 Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest fits Mini and TKL keyboards. It is made from memory foam and features an anti-slip rubber below it.

Elsewhere, a man shipped his $7,000 gaming setup to his COVID-19 quarantine hotel, which includes a mechanical keyboard.

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