First Man On Moon Recognized In NASA Ceremony
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NASA named the Plum Brook Station in Ohio after Neil Armstrong, even after the first person to step on the moon declined the honor previously.

NASA’s Plum Brook Station in Ohio Named After Neil Armstrong Even if He Previously Declined
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WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 22: Astronaut Neil Armstrong, commander of Apollo 11, testifies before the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee about human space flight on Capitol Hill September 22, 2011 in Washington, DC. Last week NASA unveiled their new heavy-lift rocket system that will put humans into space with a command capsule that is already under development.

As per OhioNewsTime, the testing facility formerly known as the Plum Brook Station has been re-dedicated while Niel Armstrong celebrates his 91st birthday.

The Glenn Research Center in Cleveland manages the 6,400-acre facility that houses the Space Environments Complex, the largest and most powerful space environment simulation chamber in the whole world.

Not to mention that it is also an In-Space Propulsion Facility, which is the only way to test rocket engines and vehicles even as they are in high-altitude conditions.

It is worth noting that aside from being a NASA space facility, it is also popularly known as a film location.

As such, many have seen the then-Plum Brook Station found between Sandusky and Milan without them knowing. It has been the setting for the series and blockbuster movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

NASA's Plum Brook Station in Ohio Named After Neil Armstrong

On Aug. 11, or nine years after Armstrong's demise, the NASA Plum Brook Station has been renamed into Niel A. Armstrong Test Facility.

Together with some members of Congress, NASA officials graced the re-dedication event, honoring the late Neil Armstrong.

The person that made the renaming into law, Sen. Rob Portman, spoke on the dedication event, saying that Armstrong would rather be unexcited about it, but the iconic astronaut will be fine with the decision.

The senator went on to note that Armstrong's humble demeanor about the dedication is another reason to do it.

The now "Armstrong Test Facility" is also the location of the recent NASA Artemis I Orion testing, wherein it faced extremely high and low temperatures, as well as an electromagnet. Both will be the environment that the spacecraft will be facing as it attempts to go to the moon.

The new spacecraft will be bringing astronauts to the moon to follow the milestone that Armstrong, along with the other Apollo gang, did 50 years ago.

Sen. Portman further revealed that Amstrong supported this mission and that it was his dream for the Artemis to launch from the ground.

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Neil Armstrong Previously Declined

The senator shared that Neil was never a fan of the plan to name the facility after him. Portman recalled that the first man to walk on the moon said: "You know, thanks, but I really don't need that."

However, the NASA test facility is now named after the guy who once declined the honor.

Meanwhile, the rare private photo collection, which includes a picture of Neil Armstrong, was sold at $63,000.

Elsewhere, here's why Neil Armstong and the rest of the Apollo 11 had to undergo a 21-day quarantine after the moon mission.

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