Apple's September Fall Event this 2021 is being surrounded by rumors, especially as the year nears the ninth month, and also known for its scheduled and annual showcase. As usual, the Cupertino giant remains silent or secretive about this, but there are no particular reasons. 

Nonetheless, people have been talking about the release of new devices from Apple, and the talks center around the iPhone 13 and MacBook Pro with Mini LED which would be new iterations from its previous models.

This only goes to show that people are already expecting from the Cupertino company and that its models have been leaking for a long time now, despite their efforts against it

Apple September Fall Event 2021

Apple had three fall events in 2020, the first is the "Time Flies" last September 2020, next is the "Hi, Speed" in October, and last is the "One More Thing" in November. 

With regards to having multiple events this year, there is no information regarding it, especially from leakers, but most of them point out a September Fall Event. According to YouTuber Rene Ritchie, there are a lot of lined up new devices for Apple to release in September, and most leaks point out to it. 

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iPhone 13

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iPhone 13 Apple

The iPhone 13 is the most likely device to come this September, and if it releases next month, it would be earlier than last year's October debut. It was said that the next iPhone series would have the last "Mini," and go back to a three-release setup. However, nothing is certain for now. 

Only that the next iPhone 13 would have its in-screen fingerprint scanner, a smaller notch for the face cam, Always-on-display, better MagSafe, and other unknown features. 

MacBook Pro

Macbook Air / Unsplash
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Next up is the MacBook Pro's supposed redesign, which would have more USB-C ports, a MagSafe specific charger from old models, a mini LED, and a rumored M2 release. The MacBook's last release was in November 2020, where it shocked the world of the new breed of Silicon Macs, foregoing its long-time partner, Intel. 

AirPods 3

Apple AirPods 3, iPhone 13 Have 'Good Chances' to Land on September, Source Says
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Another highly rumored device is the AirPods 3, and according to MacRumors, it would come alongside the iPhone 13 as its pair. Most likely, the device would have compatibility with Apple Music's lossless and spatial audio, as well as an update for the old design. 

Currently, there are no reports of a drastic change in design or looks of the AirPods 3, and it would follow the 2nd-generation AirPods. 

New iPad?

iPad Screen Possibly Getting an Upgrade in 2022
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Reports of a new iPad may join the September event, but no one is certain about what model. Most hope that it is the small tablet, the iPad Mini, as it already was a long time since its last update. 

The iPad Pro has had a progressive update on its end, as it already moved to M1. The iPad Mini has stopped at its 5th gen release. 

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