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MacBook Pro is set to launch between September and November, complete with mini LED displays.

Numerous rumors hinted that Apple would be releasing two MacBook Pros; one will be a 14-inch while the other will be a 16-inch.

According to some analysts, while the production is still underway, a new report stated that it is already in its final stages.

MacBook Pro 2021 Release

According to Mark Gurman's "Power On" newsletter published by Bloomberg, the announcement for the new MacBook Pro models will happen between September and November.

Gurman wrote that the new models were supposed to launch earlier this year, but there were complications around the mini LED display, which was why Apple had to halt the production.

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A supply chain report from June cited shortages in MacBook Pro's mini LED production due to the delay. The shortage affected the MacBook Pro production, but it all went back to normal earlier this month.

Gurman's claim puts forward the idea of a MacBook Pro with LED backlights, which could give various display benefits like what is seen in the iPad Pro.

By installing thousands of mini LED backlights, the display's contrast ratio can reach 1 million to 1, with better color representation and greater HDR support.

Previous rumors stated that the upcoming models would have an improved 1080p webcam, new M1X chips, and more port options, including the SD card slot, HDMI port, and MagSafe charging, according to Apple Insider.

Everything We Know So Far About the MacBook Pros

Apple has updated the display of the laptops. The 14-inch model will replace the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro model, and the 16-inch one will replace the currently available version.

The current MacBook Pros are equipped with Touch Bars, providing an OLED display where physical function keys are located.

Apple also planned to have an adaptable mini-display on the Touch Bar that will offer customizable controls and functions on a per-app basis.

Unfortunately, the Touch Bar was not a hit with the consumers.

Since it did not get the result that Apple hoped for, the Touch Bar is rumored to be removed in the upcoming MacBook Pro models, and it will be replaced with physical function keys instead.

As for its batteries, MacRumors reported that Sunwoda Electronics, Apple's supplier, shared filings for two batteries that could be used for the new laptop models.

The first one, which is said to be designed for the 16-inch laptop, will have an identifier of A2527 with a rate of 8.693 mAh/11.45V, which is the same battery that the current 16-inch laptop is using.

This could mean that there are no new battery life gains for the upcoming 16-inch model, but the Apple silicon chip could show some improvements.

The second one, which is said to be designed for the 14-inch laptop, will have an identifier of A2519 with a rate of 6,068 mAh/11.47V, which is a bit higher than the battery in the current 13-inch model.

Apple has not released any official detail about the upcoming laptop models. Still, with the anticipated release date of September, fans may get a sneak peek of the products in August.

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