Google Nest Hub Could Become Tablet-Like with an Additional App Launcher
(Photo : Image from Google) Google Nest Hub Could Become Tablet-Like with an Additional App Launcher

Google Nest Hub could actually become more tablet-like with an addition of a new app launcher. Although they pretty much look like stationary tablets, smart displays just like Nest Hub or even the Echo Show are specifically designed to remove that widespread misconception.

Google Nest Hub Tablet-Like Device

The software, in particular, already has an interface that is not really exactly conductive for the different physical interactions like tablets are built to do. Instead, they are really more geared towards voice commands as well as audiovisual feedback.

According to the story by SlashGear, however, it now seems like Apple is taking things and steering them into a totally different direction along with an experiment that would bring a more familiar app drawer to the Nest Hub. Technically speaking, the Google Nest Hub platform does not have apps of its own but that all could change.

Google Nest 'Actions'

While the Google Nest does not really have apps of its own, it has something else called Actions that are done in order to fulfill that role. Although not really the app itself, Actions function like a more simplified version of apps.

These weren't technically designed to be accessed directly like one would simply launch apps on Android. However, Google might actually be getting some other ideas as well. Google Nest Hub has been previously working on other ways to entertain its users like the Google Nest Hub games to make the experience much more enjoyable for the users.

Reddit Shows Nest Hub Max

A recent Reddit post shows a glimpse of the Nest Hub Max with a particular new app drawer. In a lot of ways, it already looks very similar to the stock Android or even the stock Pixel experience. Swiping the Nest Hub Max would then first reveal some different "Suggestions" and a much more fuller swipe would then show the full grid.

"Apps" are reportedly ordered alphabetically as a user would normally see on a lot of different app launchers. Tapping directly on the icons would then naturally launch the Actions that are directly associated with them.

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Google Apps on Nest Hub

This could mean anything from YouTube or Netflix all the way to making a Duo call. Quite normally, these particular Actions can also be started with the use of a voice command. Google, however, has also surfaced certain recommended Cards from time to time.

The cards can reportedly still be accessed with a simple swipe from the left. The app launcher experiment, however, is clearly still within its initial stages as a full gesture recognition, as of the moment, seems to be still quite unpolished.

Whether it actually becomes a brand new staple feature of the Google Nest Hubs is another question. As of the moment, however, it could still really change the way that most customers approach the whole smart display gadgets. Google Nest also has some useful features like Sleep Monitoring to help the users keep track of their health.

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