Xiaomi Mi 1 buyers can now avail of a refund for buying the very first android phone by the company 10 years ago! The company only sold 184,600 units of the Xiaomi Mi 1 in the previous years.

Xiaomi Mi 1 Android Mobile Phone

According to the story by PhoneArena, all the way back in 2011, Xiaomi had reportedly launched the first-ever Xiaomi Mi 1 over in China. This was when Xiaomi finally entered the highly competitive smartphone market!

Eventually, Xiaomi was able to take over giant smartphone goliaths just like Apple as well as Samsung. This is, of course, at least according to some research agencies. The move by Xiaomi will give the owners of the lucky 184,600 their money back for buying the first Xiaomi android phone.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Launched 10 Years Ago

Android Authority reportedly noted that the successful Chinese phone maker is now offering a reward to a number of its very first customers. These first customers are those who had bought the aforementioned Xiaomi Mi 1 a full ten years ago.

Xiaomi reports that the company sold the very first 184,600 Android units. The article by PhoneArena noted that if imagined, this would mean that all of the individuals that bought the Xiaomi Mi 1 will actually be eligible to request a refund.

Xiaomi Offers Refunds

This would reportedly equate to a whopping $57 million in refunds or rather about $309 for every person. Of course, Xiaomi's initial buyers were first all in China, and there would still be certain conditions that needed to be applied. Also, it is quite likely that the refunds will be done by giving them store credit.

In any case, however, this is a fun way for Xiaomi to acknowledge and thank the people who had previously invested in the company when they were still very young and still trying to earn the trust along with hard-earned money.

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Xiaomi Mi 1 Specs

From the very humble beginnings with the Xiaomi Mi 1, which previously ran on the outdated Android 3 on just 1GB of RAM. The Chinese company has had its most recent flagship, known as the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, which was just reviewed earlier this year and was found to be very solid.

The recent Xiaomi Mi 12 specs rumor even hint that Xiaomi's upcoming next premium smartphone will be considered a flagship killer. The Xiaomi Mi 12 specs even boast a massive 200-megapixel camera as well as supporting wireless charging for up to 100 watts total.

With the recent launching of the Samsung Unpacked event, Samsung has announced the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. With the Xiaomi Mi 12 still existing in rumors, fans are excited to learn how the phone will compare against Samsung's double powerhouse Z series.

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