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Apple is expanding its Wallet feature in the EU. On Aug. 13, Spain rolled out the feature to its citizens to make it easier to present their vaccine passports.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate was launched in July to deliver proof of vaccination to people living in EU member nations.

Apple Wallet Supports EU COVID-19 Passports

The COVID-19 passports are available in paper and digital format, and health authorities issue them.

The passports serve as proof that the holder has been fully vaccinated, got a negative test result, or just recovered from COVID-19.

A unique QR code is attached with each certificate to ensure its authenticity.

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The certificates allow people living within EU nations to move freely and cross borders. It also helps to facilitate the lifting of restrictions when needed.

While the digital format can be stored on any phone, individual EU countries can choose to implement support for digital wallets like Apple Wallet.

Users can also use third-party systems like Your Pass to create a Wallet pass from an existing Digital COVID-19 certificate.

According to 9to5Mac, Spain is the second EU country to partner up with Apple to make it easier for citizens to carry their certification.

Other Countries Support Wallet COVID Passport

Spain's support for Apple Wallet came after the United Kingdom announced its partnership with the system.

Last month, the NHS added a feature in its iOS app that lets users download their certificate to the Wallet's system.

Australia also announced this month that it would allow the use of Wallet as a way for vaccinated citizens to show their certificates.

According to MacRumors, the Australian government added support via the Express Plus Medicare app on iOS.

Citizens who are fully vaccinated can get a copy of the certificate by logging in to their Medicare account. It can be downloaded as a PDF file or by tapping on the "Add to Apple Wallet" feature.

Australians can also use Apple to pay for their medical insurance via the Apple Pay System.

According to Tap Down Under, the digital certificate includes a document number, a "valid from" date, which shows when the first and second dose was administered, and the user's date of birth.

The back of the certificate includes the user's Healthcare Identifier, what vaccine was given, and when the shots were administered.

Like the EU COVID-19 Certificate, the Australian digital certificate will serve as an official proof of COVID-19 vaccination if the user needs to travel or attend events in the country and abroad.

The certificate is similar to the digital passes created by the NHS earlier this year.

Since the pandemic, establishments are looking for ways to prevent contact. Apple Wallet has helped digitalize a lot of documents that are traditionally given on paper.

Last week, it was announced that universities in the United States and Canada would use Apple Wallet as a way for students to go around campus. It will also serve as their verification and their mode of payment.

According to CNET, the schools that are part of the program are Sheridan College, Auburn University, New Brunswick, University of Maine, Northern Arizona University, and New Mexico State University. The mobile student ID can also be accessed via Apple Watch.

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