Elon Musk approved a recent SpaceX render from Twitter that illustrated how his space company will catch the Starship and the Super Heavy Rocket with "Mechazilla."

Elon Musk Says This SpaceX Render is Close to How It Will Catch Starship, Super Heavy Rocket
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BERLIN, GERMANY DECEMBER 01: SpaceX owner and Tesla CEO Elon Musk poses on the red carpet of the Axel Springer Award 2020 on December 01, 2020 in Berlin, Germany.

The SpaceX exec has a sizeable dream for the aerospace innovation company.

One of his goals is to allow people to travel outside Earth from point to point by using the Starship, which will also consist of the Super Heavy Rocket.

However, SpaceX is still working on this vision, and folks following the space giant have yet to see their plans in action.

SpaceX Render on How to Catch Starship and Super Heavy Rocket

Thanks to a render that a Twitter user that goes by the username "ErcXspace," fans of Musk's company saw a glimpse as to how SpaceX envisions to capture the Starship and the Super Heavy Rocket even if it is still a mere idea.

It is worth noting that SpaceX has yet to release any official render that further provides a better picture of the "catching" process for the Starship and the Super Heavy Rocket.

As per Tesmanian, the Starship and the Super Heavy Rocket will launch from the Starbase 'Stage 0' of SpaceX, which serves two purposes--a launch mount as well as ground support equipment.

Additionally, the Starbase also has a 400-foot-tall orbital launch tower, which is designed to catch the two vehicles as it attempts to land on earth from space.

The render by ErcXspace further illustrated how SpaceX plans to capture the two spacecraft by using Mechazilla, which is a structure designed to capture the ships of the company, referenced from the monster movie franchise, "Godzilla."

Elon Musk Approves SpaceX Render

The founder and CEO of SpaceX replied to the tweet wherein the render is attached, saying that it is "pretty close" to the actual plan of the innovative space company on how to capture the vehicles.

Musk further noted that both the "boosters & arm will move faster," adding that the quick disconnect arm, or QD for short, "will steady booster for ship mate."


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SpaceX: Starship-Super Heavy Rocket

Meanwhile, SpaceX is currently gearing up to start the debut orbital testing of the Starship and Super Heavy Rocket by this year. However, the pioneering test flight will not yet follow the plan of catching the booster via the arm of the launch tower.

Instead, it will be landing in about 100km or 60 miles from the northwest coast of Hawaii, concluding the flight with a soft ocean landing.

Elsewhere, Elon Musk said that Bitcoin is now using more clean energy, thanks to the staunch crackdown on crypto mining that China has been conducting.

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