Google Stadia users will be able to try the console's first-ever touch-focused control scheme, "Humankind," this month. The game is created and developed by Amplitude Studios.

Google Stadia's Humankind Confirmed This Month

According to 9to5Google, the direct touch technology of the game is designed around multitouch finger inputs. It is like a traditional mobile game but with a Bluetooth controller or a gamepad overlay.

So how can you play "Humankind?" Just tap your finger on Stadia's screen. It lets you navigate the game and choose in-game objects.

You need to hold a finger down to go through your previews content, use two fingers to cancel the game, use one finger and drag it around to move your view in-game, and use three fingers for the pause menu.

The game will also have the State Share feature, which will allow someone else to pick up where you left off in a game by sharing a screenshot or a video clip with them.

Google Stadia also allows you to invite friends via email so you can add them as a player on the game.

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For "Humankind," it will allow you to use "Leave Your Mark," where you let someone else play through the same world, find the ruins of your civilization, and compare their achievements to yours.

Using direct touch instead of a controller makes sense because it can be difficult to offer satisfying controller support.

The game allows you to navigate complicated menus easily and deploy troops exactly where you want them.

However, touch controls come with more challenges for a streaming games service: latency issues.

With touch controls, you might think that fast taps on a controller equate to immediate responses, but that is not always the case, especially if the connection is slow.

"Humankind" will be available on Mac, Pc, and Stadia starting Aug. 17.

Google Fi's $400 Off on Galaxy Z Flip 3

Aside from Stadia's latest game, Google also announced that the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 phone is $400 off for both new and existing Google Fi customers, according to Android Central.

The announcement came after Google Fi rolled VPN for iPhone subscribers in June.

This is a significant discount considering the original price of the phone is $999. However, there is a catch.

You have to buy the phone first and keep it on a Fi plan for a month before you can avail of the discount, which will be in the form of a bill credit.

If you are an existing Fi subscriber and want to purchase the Flip 3, you can benefit from this deal.

If you are using one of Fi's full-service plans, you can purchase the phone at and activate the device under your plan. Data-only plans are not eligible for the promotion.

You need to keep the phone active for a month to receive the discount that will come in the form of a bill credit.

Non-subscribers should the phone under a full-service Fi plan and keep their existing phone number. If you get a new number on your Fi plan, you won't be eligible for the bill credit.

When you buy the phone, it will be eligible for a $150 credit that you can use on Samsung's website. Order the phone before Aug. 26 and register it on the website. All in all, you will be able to save $550 on the phone.

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