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Crypto Watch is here to bring you news about what is going on in the world of coins and blockchain today. The focus for this week is the rise of the Top 5 Cryptocurrency Startups which has recently made their nets available to people, for them to trade, buy, and sell in the market.

All of these corresponds to a certain amount, and are known to already have significant value.

In the previous week, Crypto Watch has discovered that the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies of the world were "bullish" at last, and this suggests that a brighter future is coming for the coins.

However, that does not guarantee a long-term trend for the market, as it tends to be one of the most unstable trends to watch.

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Startups This Month of August

The crypto world has always focused on popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and others, but people also want to start small and work their way up to the top. 

To do that, they need to find an emerging blockchain or a newly released crypto that has promising stats in the current market's charts. Having said this, CoinMarketCap ranked the top cryptocurrency startups for people to check out and be their potential investments. 

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Step Hero - $HERO

Step Hero
(Photo : Step Hero via Twitter)

Step Hero is a coin that has established its presence on the market today, and yes, this is the youngest coin on the list. Hero is an RPG game, that has its cryptocurrency, but not necessarily an NFT game. It uses Binance Coin as its blockchain and sits at the top of the list.

Price: $1.60

Volume: $50,068,989 

Growth: -3.62 percent in the past hour; zero percent in the past 24 hours

Date Established: August 16

Banana Coins - $BANANA

Banana Coin is a project to help Laos' banana plantation, and it is based on Binance Coin's blockchain. The price of the coin is protected by the price of the fruit's per kilogram price in the market. It currently sits at the top 2. 

Price: $0.000000003109 

Volume: $149,661 

Growth: 5.62 percent in the past hour; -16.31 percent in the past 24 hours

Date Established: August 14 

Republic of Dogs - $ROD

Republic of Dogs
(Photo : Republic of Dogs via Twitter)

The Republic of Dogs is a new cryptocurrency that launched last August 13, bringing a new line of those that bordered on "Dogs" as the branding of their cryptocurrency. It uses the blockchain of Binance Coin and is one of the fastest-growing coins on this list. 

Price: $0.000000000507 

Volume: $115,120 

Growth: 3.23 percent in the past hour; 11.05 percent in the past 24 hours

Date Established: August 13

Beer Inu - $BEER

Beer Inu
(Photo : Beer Inu via Twitter)

Beer Inu uses the Ethereum blockchain and is currently the fourth coin in the list of top releases. It was out three days ago, and it has been bordering on the popularity of the alcoholic beverage and the dog, Shiba Inu. 

Price: $0.000002114 

Volume: $328,640 

Growth: 1.42 percent in the past hour; -14.89 percent in the past 24 hours

Date Established: August 12 

Orica - $ORI

(Photo : Orica via Twitter)

The market has closed to Orica being in the top 5 list, and it is a Binance Coin based blockchain. It is an NFT marketplace that aims to launch its services to the public, as well as its coins as the medium for purchases. Orica is one of the most expensive coins on the list, meaning it has massive value for its users. 

Price: $3.61 

Volume: $1,832,087 

Growth: 47.87 percent in the past hour; 152.35 percent in the past 24 hours

Date Established: August 13

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