The EV startup known as Canoo would be focusing its production on its Oklahoma plant, and it has hired several employees for the said location to anticipate its venture. However, the only problem now is securing a battery supplier which would help power the company's electric vehicles to get them up and running. 

Initially, Canoo was one of the top choices for Apple in their "Apple Car" venture, focusing on the "Skateboard" technology which the company is famous for. But Canoo was interested in other ventures, particularly in focusing on their products and EV production. 

Canoo Oklahoma Plant

Canoo EV
(Photo : Canoo)

Last June 17, Canoo has announced that it would be focusing its production on Oklahoma, under its US Manufacturing Facility ventures. The company would bring as many as 2,000 jobs to the state alone, and it would help in fast tracking the EV production of the company. 

Canoo aims to deliver its production vehicles by the fourth quarter of 2022, which is more than a year from now, giving them adequate time for all their needs. This also means that their Oklahoma plant would have more time to prepare.

Currently, Canoo has already hired employees and factory workers for its US manufacturing facility, and it has given opportunities for people to work under a startup electric vehicle brand. 

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Canoo has also secured VDL Necdar as their contract manufacturing partner, and they are known for their works in the European EV scene. 

Canoo Battery Supplier

Canoo Van
(Photo : Canoo)

However, the main concern now is to secure a battery supplier for all its electric vehicle ventures, as currently, the company lacks thereof. What does this mean? Canoo can make all the chassis, design, components, and other needs of a car, but it cannot run because it would have no power source. 

And it is known that an electric vehicle's main power source is its batteries, mounted directly to its drivetrains. 

For now, the company would have to search for a viable partner or supplier for its EV venture or go down the path of Tesla to develop its power cells

Canoo EVs

Canoo's electric vehicles have bordered on lifestyle and utility design, focusing on functionality and its multiple uses in different situations. The initial cars it designed were minivans and pickup trucks which focus on providing a service vehicle, without the fear of hurting the environment.

Canoo Pickup
(Photo : Canoo)

Moreover, its "lifestyle vehicles" were made for the access of everyone, and intended for all the needs which they require. The company did not focus on sports cars or performance vehicles, also having no designs for the hatchback or sedan makes.

Canoo Lifestyle
(Photo : Canoo )

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