Apple Fitness+ 'Time to Walk or Push' Workout Launches with Gold Paralympian Kurt Fearnley
(Photo : Image from Apple Fitness+ 'Time to Walk or Push' Workout Launches with Gold Paralympian Kurt Fearnley

Apple Fitness+ is launching a special workout unlike any other. The "Time to Walk or Push" workout was just launched with gold medallist paralympian Kurt Fearney! Apple Fitness+ subscribers are going to get the new workout guide on the Apple Watch.

Apple Fitness+ Gets Kurt Fearnley

According to Apple Insider, Apple Fitness subscribers will be getting a brand new workout guide on Apple Watch with Kurt Fearnley. The paralympics gold medallist Kurt Fearnley will be taking users on a walk or even a wheelchair ride.

The brand new "Time to Walk" expansion series of different celebrity audio workouts has just added a brand new "Time to Walk or Push" episode. A little ahead of the delayed Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, the Australian wheelchair racer known as Kurt Fearnley has been able to record a full 39-minute edition.

Feanley Says 'Like Going for a Walk'

The edition is meant to be listed by different Apple Fitness+ users that are walking or even in a wheelchair themselves as well. Fearnley notes in the episode that when he goes out and takes a push, it's very much "like going for a walk." Find out what else Apple Fitness+ has in store for its users.

Fearley also notes that he is in his day chair and that the day chair is actually a separate wheelchair. It is reportedly the thing "you think of" as working walking legs. He then continues that for someone that has still never been in a chair, it is actually just a stroll.

Kurt Feanley Apple Fitness+

He then continued that it's out here to enjoy the environment inviting the listener to look around and have a moment for themselves. Fearnley's episode recently went live for the Apple Fitness+ users on August 16, 2021.

This edition now joins a growing list of other editions that feature sports people which include Olympic gold medalist Anthony Joshua as well. Apple Fitness+ is a newer subscription service costing $9.99 a month. This is also included in the whole Apple One bundle. Apple Watch buyers can also get this particular list of editions in the Apple Fitness+ subscription service free for the first three months.

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New Apple Watch Features

According to iMore, Apple is working on different Apple Fitness+ features that aim to offer guided runs and meditations. The brand new feature would reportedly be an expansion on the currently existing "Time to Walk" offering.

As of the moment, however, it still isn't super clear when this new feature will be officially announced. However, it is most likely expected to happen alongside the upcoming arrival of the new watchOS 8 as well as the Apple Watch Series 7 sometime this fall of 2021. Apple recently beat the $2.5 Trillion mark and while the mega company is well known for its products, the company is also gaining a significant amount from its subscription services.

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