Apple Fitness+ will release new episodes of its Time to Walk series and additional strength and HIIT workouts.

The new episodes of Time to Walk will debut on June 28 and include A-list guests like Hollywood actress Gina Rodriguez, supermodel Naomi Campbell, Olympic gold medalist Anthony Joshua, and Marvel actor and writer Randall Park.

Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk New Episodes

Each episode will feature special guests that will talk about their fitness journey, workout routines, personal moments and memories, lessons that they've learned in the industry, thoughts on life purpose, their take on the topic of gratitude, and other topics about life and career.

Apple released the full list of special guests: Joan Benoit Samuelson, Anthony Joshua, Gina Rodriguez, Cynthia Erivo, CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Stephen Fry, Naomi Campbell, and Marsai Martin Randall Park, and Michaela Jae "MJ" Rodriguez.

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Expect New Workout Routines on Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk 

Aside from a new set of Time to Walk episodes, Apple will also launch a new Apple Music spotlight series that will feature playlists focused on a single artist.

The playlist will include famous singers such as Lady Gaga, Keith Urban, Alicia Keys, and Jennifer Lopez, according to CNET.

The Apple Music spotlight series will be available every Monday for four weeks starting June 28. It will also include new workout routines featuring each artist that will appear across different modalities. The playlists will have numerous tracks that are fit for high-energy workouts.

The new workouts will be introduced by fitness expert Jeanette Jenkins, who will walk you through each step. Users can anticipate seven workouts that are focused on high-intensity interval training or HITT and strength, according to MacRumors.

Jay Blahnik, Apple's senior Fitness Technologies director, said that Apple Fitness+ wants to bring users a range of new workout options to inspire them to stay fit, active, and commit to a healthier lifestyle.

With the upcoming update, users can go for a walk with Time to Walk guests while listening to thought-provoking topics or push their limits through a HIIT class with fitness expert Jeanette Jenkins.

Apple wanted to make exercise fun and upbeat, which is why they've handpicked playlists for the Apple Spotlight series that will keep the users motivated.

Apple believes that the right playlist can push you, and a single artist can fuel a whole workout, may it be Lady Gaga's legendary pop songs or Jennifer Lopez's chart-topping R&B hits.

Apple Fitness+ Added on Mac

As Apple Fitness+ commits to its promise of promoting a healthier lifestyle for its users, the app launched its services on Mac last week.

Users can now play their favorite Apple Fitness+ workouts on their iPhone or iPad and wirelessly stream the audio and video to their Mac using AirPlay, so users can conveniently transfer the contents on a larger screen.

Although the metrics such as calories burned and heart rate are not displayed on the Mac, users can still view them on their Apple Watch.

Apple Fitness+ was launched in December 2020, and it is a subscription-based service that provides access to hundreds of workout videos. The app is updated weekly to make sure that users get new content. The service is $9.99 a month or $79.99 a year in the United States.

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