Apple Breaks Record as 1st Public US Company to Hit $2.5 Trillion in Market Capitalization
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Apple breaks record as the first ever public US company to be able to hit a $2.5 market capitalization mark ever! After a whopping two-day rally, Apple has finally hit a brand new record high stock price! The company's market capitalization of a whopping $2.5 trillion during its pre-opening trading on July 15, 2021.

Apple Hits $2.5 Trillion Market Capitalization

According to the story by AppleInsider, the shares of the popular Cupertino tech giant went up by over 2% during trading hours on July 14, 2021. This reportedly led to a market valuation over $2.5 trillion for the very first time in history. This comes just slightly less than a year after Apple had hit the $2 trillion mark.

The company is currently the very first publicly traded US company to be able to surpass the massive $2.5 trillion valuation mark. Some time earlier in July, the company was able to hit record highs during a particular rally that lasted for a number of weeks. Apple shares have reportedly surged up by 14.33% ever since the beginning of 2021.

Apple Made a Record Achievement After Hitting $2 Trillion Mark

Apple initially hit the $2 trillion mark on August 19 of 2020. The company then reportedly dipped after a certain mass technology stock sell-off only to return on September 4, 2020. Although the company had publicly announced its move to Apple Silicon during its official WWDC that took place in June 2020, it was only shortly after passing $2 trillion that the company had officially launched its very first M1 range.

The technical advancements of that particular range have been critically praised. It has also helped the company see rising Mac sales even as the other parts of the industry started slowing down. Apple had also just subsequently launched its own COVID-impacted iPhone 12 range.

Apple One Bundle of Services

This was a great success and was even described as a supercycle when it came to the Apple iPhone sales. This then became the world's very own top-selling 5G phone just shortly after it had launched.

Ever since the company reached the $2 trillion mark, as described in a story by The New York Times, Apple has also been launching its new Apple One bundle of services. This included the introduction of certain products like Apple Fitness+. Despite the global pandemic, the company has also been pressed ahead with a lot of other hardware releases.

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Apple Analysts Predict $3 Trillion Mark

Alongside the brand new Apple AirTags, it had also launched a more revised version of the Apple iPad Pro and the Apple TV 4K. Apple had also launched a redesigned 24-inch Apple iMac.

Even before the different successful launches, analysts were reportedly predicting that Apple was capable of reaching an even higher $3 trillion mark. Gene Munster, an analyst, noted in August 2020 that along with 5G and other health features, Apple actually had quite a "clear path" to that particular value.

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