Tech CEO: Who is Mark Mader of Smartsheet?
(Photo : Image from LinkedIn) Tech CEO: Who is Mark Mader of Smartsheet?

Mark Mader is the president and CEO of Smartsheet and has been with the company for 15 years. During all this time, he was able to help guide Smartsheet from a startup of 10 employees to a multimillion-dollar company employing 1,915 individuals.

Smartsheet Mark Mader

According to SeattleBusinessMag, the CEO grew up in Frankfurt Germany and moved to Seattle in 1976. Mader went to college at Dartmouth taking a major in geography.

Through his exposure to geographic information systems or GIS programs, he saw how technology impacts decision making, as well as how it can drive better outcomes.

Mader was a student athlete and this sparked his "competitive fire."

The CEO saw the opportunity to disrupt business collaborations. When Mader was asked about the future, he noted that they plan to build "substantive, industry-specific solutions" that are capable of delivering ROI rapidly.

Mader Shares Growth of Company

Mader mentioned that the company is one of the few solutions spanning a wide spectrum of usage with smallest customers paying just $120 a year to larger customers paying over $1 million a year.

The company is a publicly held software company that are based in Bellevue, growing over 37% year over year with paying customers in over 190 countries.

In an article by Forbes, Rich Karlgaard interviewed Mark Mader and asked how his life has changed after becoming the CEO of a publicly-traded company.

Mader was also asked what the CEO is able to do currently that he could not do before as well as what he cannot do.

What has Changed?

The tech CEO revealed that it has not actually changed that much and that he still wakes up the same way. He also shared how a lot of people expect a lot of things from him, and he thinks that what he has to do is to be more intentional regarding looking further out.

Mader revealed that gone were the days when he would say "what are we going to do next quarter?" Mader revealed that the total cost of changing one's mind is much bigger as of the moment. 

There are different types of management softwares, and Smartsheet is recognized as one of the top names in the SaaS category.

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'Changing One's Mind' Costs More

The CEO noted that he has to make sure that the story, as well as that line of what one believes in, and who they are serving and the value that it delivers is both innovative, but also remains consistent to a certain degree.

Mader revealed that it has actually been a fundamental change ever since the company went public. The CEO revealed that the company went from just having a few shareholders all sitting around the board table to thousands of different shareholders.

Now, Smartsheet was considered among the top 5 project management softwares of 2019.

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