Neil Armstrong's Son Notes Early Space Missions were Even More Powering Compared to Transistors and Computers After Neil A Armstrong Test Facility Comes to Life
(Photo : Image from Neil Armstrong's Son Notes Early Space Missions were Even More Powering Compared to Transistors and Computers After Neil A Armstrong Test Facility Comes to Life

The Ohio NASA research facility has decided to rename themselves to Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility in order to honor the astronaut who performed the first ever moonwalk! Having a building of science named after you is a big deal and the research facility in Ohio has decided that changing their name to honor Neil Armstrong would be the right decision.

NASA Renames NASA Plum Brook Station

Mark Armstrong has given his comments on why the early space explorations were such a big deal and compared them to other scientific accomplishments as of late.

According to the story by, a particular NASA research facility over in Ohio has now been renamed directly after the astronaut Neil Armstrong. Neil Armstrong was reportedly born in the stateand even returned just shortly after he had suddenly become the first man to ever walk on the moon.

Senator Rob Portman Raises Idea

Ohio's United States senators led the efforts to change the facility's name which was previously the NASA Plum Brook Station over in Sandusky. They wanted to change the name from the NASA Plum Brook Station to the Neil A Armstrong Test Facility.

Rob Portman noted that he raised the actual idea with Armstrong back in 2012. This idea was reportedly raised shortly before the death of Neil Armstrong but he was reportedly not that comfortable with the attention that it would bring.

At a ceremony that marked the name change that took place, Portman even noted that it was never just about him and that it was actually about the mission. Portman noted that both NASA as well as Armstrong's family have supported renaming the actual research center.

Mark Armstrong on Space Exploration

Mark Armstrong, the son of late astronaut Neil Armstrong, noted that the early space missions were able to show people across the whole world that they could actually do things that they initially never could have imagined. He even noted that that is more empowering compared to any other scientific advancement.

Mark Armstrong noted that it's much more empowering compared to the transistor and is even much more empowering compared to the computer. This is because of the fact that it is unlimited. Mark ended the statement noting that "that's what we have to remind people." SpaceX is a notable contributor to the space exploration field and Elon Musk has been celebrating the biggest rocket they have ever made.

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Neil Armstrong

Armstrong was reportedly born just a little outside of Wapakjoneta back in 1930 and already started taking flying lessons at a nearby airstrip. The young Neil Armstrong even took his first ever solo flight at the age of 16. After finally landing on the moon in 1969, he decided to teach at the University of Cincinnati.

According to the article by CollectSpace, Senator Rob Portman noted that he wishes that Neil Armstrong could be "seated here, at age 91." Noting that he would actually be hiding around in the back "very modestly."

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