Videotel Digital, a pioneer and leader in the digital signage industry, announced that it has established its Advisory Board. 

The company has established itself as the only manufacturer that serves the digital signage market with its widest variety of sensor-driven, interactive, touch, and touch-less peripherals. It also offers reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use out-of-the-box industrial grade 4K interactive media players, looping DVD players, and directional sound speakers. Videotel Digital also shared that its Advisory Board begins operation with three Councils, each composed of hands-on users of Videotel Digital technologies. The councils will represent Aquariums, Museums, and Houses of Worship.

Videotel Digital
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Videotel Digital Advisory Board

The Museum Council will include Jay Shull, Exhibits Manager from the Great Explorations Childrens' Museum; Shane Welch, Exhibit Fabrication Manager at the Science Museum Oklahoma; and Joel Nielsen, Exhibit Specialist with the University of Nebraska State Museum. 

For the Aquarium Council, Videotel has enlisted Robert Raad, New Media Artist with the Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Pete Colangelo, the Senior Director of Creative Services at The Florida Aquarium; and Zacchaeus Elliott, Exhibit Technician at the Virginia Aquarium.

Lastly, the Houses of Worship Council will include Mike White, Technical Director at the Church at Rock Creek; and Colby McGehee, the Technical Director for the Racine Christian Church.

The Videotel Digital Advisory Board members will be convening quarterly to provide recommendations and feedback to improve existing products based on various realistic parameters such as real-time use, challenges that could be improved and addressed in the future, responses and reactions to new products ideas, and even beta-test product prototypes.

"We are extremely excited about our newly established Advisory Board as they will provide a direct connection between Videotel Digital's engineering team and those who use our products on a day-to-day basis" said Lisa Schneider, EVP of Marketing and Sales for Videotel Digital, in a company statement. "We believe their insights on how our products are used will be invaluable in ensuring that we meet the needs of our customers."

About Videotel Digital

Videotel Digital is a leading supplier of digital signage solutions to various industries such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, restaurants, banks, trade shows and events, places of worship, aquariums, zoos, museums, corporate offices, educational institutions, government agencies, and more. The long-running industry leader was first established in 1980 and has continued to build upon its years of expertise providing interactive media players, looping DCD players, and directional sound speakers.

Not only is Videotel Digital the leading manufacturer of industrial-grade digital media players and interactive digital signage solutions, but also consumers that understand the needs of their fellow consumers. The company is currently led by Mark Schenider, founder and CEO, who joined the company in 1991 as its Director of Operations. As its CEO, Schneider leads the Videotel Digital family as it grows to become a global leader in digital signage solutions, not only dominating the mainstream solid-state digital signage player market but also expand its reach into both low-end and high-end digital signage markets.

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