Netflix now supports Apple's Spatial Audio, and it is available for the iPhone and iPad devices, with regards to streaming with capable devices. 

This means that users can maximize the use of their Spatial Audio devices like the AirPods and HomePods, as well as Netflix's Dolby Audio and the 5.1 channel which streams the best possible sounds on content. 

The most popular streaming company in the world was known to be focusing on its gaming ventures, but it is great to see that it still found ways to improve its original video-on-demand service. 

Netflix Rolls Out Support for Apple Spatial Audio

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Netflix has not specifically announced this to the public, and it was initially discovered by Redditors in the United Kingdom, saying that they have used an iPhone for this venture. 

Some users say that they are on the iOS 15 Beta, meaning that they have the latest version of the operating system and not the regular releases of Apple with the iOS 14. These Redditors argue that the features of the iOS 15 beta would allow the use of the Spatial Audio feature, provided that they are using or are connected to a stereo source. 

The OP or the person which originally posted the subreddit thread said that they were using an iPhone XS Max for the device, and an AirPods Max as its output. 

The Spatial Audio is turned on for their usage and was supported by Netflix as they were streaming the videos, films, or series. Having it turned on via the Settings or Control Center ensures its usage in the iOS 15, as what these Redditors have discussed and revealed via their usage of the feature. 

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iPhone, iPad Devices Only

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There were no specific films or series that the Spatial Audio would only work with, and it seems to have been available for Redditors as long as they were on the iPhone or iPad, as well as a compatible output.

The feature only works with the iPad and iPhone devices only for now, as others who use the Apple TV with the tvOS Beta do not know if the app works or not. Additionally, most users that have reported this progress or achievement were a part of the iOS 15 Beta.

Does Spatial Audio Work for the iOS 14?

It seems like this feature would not work with the iOS 14.6 or later, despite being the one released to the public as of the moment, and where the Spatial Audio has been released with. 

However, it is still worth trying that people check this out, especially as they are using the latest version of the iOS 14, and has a device that is capable to output a Spatial Audio feature. 

Furthermore, it was unclear for both Apple and Netflix, with regards to the support or release of the feature, as it was not revealed by both companies. Currently, Netflix has no announcements regarding this support, and it would most likely be revealed by the company for future releases, and possibly the iOS 15. 

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