A Diabetes Robot Implant would make use of magnetic insulin ingestibles to help users get their needed dose that would help regulate their blood sugar in the body. This venture was created by Italian doctors and researchers, which is a pain-free method of injecting an insulin shot to the body, without the use of needles. 

Not everyone is fond of needles and pricks, and there are a lot of innovations with regards to alternatives in these procedures that would help people avoid the entire experience.

The University of Newcastle has debuted a novel way of using saliva to test blood sugar, as opposed to the device called "electrocapillary fill device," which needs actual blood samples.

Diabetes Implant: Needle and Pain-Free Insulin Shot

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The research entitled "A fully implantable device for intraperitoneal drug delivery refilled by ingestible capsules" has revealed the world's first diabetes implant that is meant to supply the body with the right levels of insulin.

This would avoid the use of injecting the drug to one's skin or veins, which is known to be painful and can sometimes prove to be a hard task when done by one's self.

The device, called PILLSID (PILl-refiLled implanted System for Intraperitoneal Delivery), is under study and conceptualization, particularly as it would be on a person's body for a long time, and meant to help those that face hardships with diabetes.

The main focus of this device would be for Type 1 Diabetes, otherwise known as "Juvenile Diabetes" which is mostly known to start for people at their early stages in life. The process of having one's insulin-generating cells process and create the sufficient need of the body is impeded by this disease, hence the need for external shots. 

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How Does it Work?

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A one-time implant made by the researchers from the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies said that it would be inserted into a person's abdomen, and would be left there as long as they need it. It would be charged wirelessly and would help magnet insulin capsules and store them, and releasing them when needed.

Having a Robot or Device Within, Is It Dangerous?

The capsules would be magnetic, and as it is ingested, the implant would help guide it in the abdominal tract, where it would be waiting at one side to process the pill. It would resemble the process of drinking a capsule or medicine for other diseases, and surpass the daily injections using needles. 

While the robot is only at 165 grams, it would not be that much of a weight or a heavy device inside. Also, the researchers have ensured that this would be safe within people's guts, and would do more good than harm their insides. 

Currently, the PILLSID is under study, and there are no hospitals accredited to use the technology yet. 

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