iPhone Nano is rumored to be in development. This detail appeared after various sources leaked Steve Jobs' 2010 email message, including the new tiny smartphone.  

iPhone Nano Already in Development? Steve Jobs Email Includes Tiny Apple Handset—Possibly Smaller Than iPhone 4
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Apple CEO Steve Jobs looks on before announcing the new iPhone 3G as he delivers the keynote address at the Apple Worldwide Web Developers Conference June 9, 2008 in San Francisco, California. Jobs kicked off the 2008 WWDC conference with a keynote where he announced an upgraded version of the popular iPhone called the iPhone 3G.

Right now, there are only a few Apple smartphones that have small physical designs. This includes one of the tech giant firm's latest handset models, the iPhone 12 Mini. 

However, these tiny devices are still lacking power, forcing users to purchase the regular-sized versions. On the other hand, information about the rumored iPhone Nano is still insufficient. 

Since Steve Jobs was not able to indicate major details about Apple's iPhone Nano, experts are still unable to know how it could perform and what are features it could offer. 

iPhone Nano Being Developed? 

According to The Verge's latest report, the new iPhone Nano is still a concept since the email of the giant tech developer's former CEO did not confirm if the tiny handset would really hit the market. 

iPhone Nano Already in Development? Steve Jobs Email Includes Tiny Apple Handset—Possibly Smaller Than iPhone 4

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People are seen behind the Apple logo in Apple's flagship London retail store on Regent Street on December 27, 2006 in London, England. With many stores open for the first time since Christmas Eve, bargain hunters are searching for the best buys as the post-Christmas sales get under way.

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Job's 2010 email was released to show the company's agenda during a strategy meeting. The document states that there would be an iPhone Nano version. But, there was no release date or development status. 

Although the paper only stated that Apple has a cost goal and plans to show the model through Jony, which is rumored to be the former design chief of the tech giant firm, some speculations were still able to share their predictions. 

They claimed that the new iPhone Nano would have a smaller size compared to the recent iPhone 4.

On the other hand, it is also expected to be cheaper than iPhone 4 and other top-of-the-line models. But, it seems like there's no chance that Apple would release the alleged iPhone Nano since the company hasn't released any update since 2010. 

In other news, Apple iOS 15's new Safari version offers a new feature that allows users to bring back the website's design that they are comfortable with. On the other hand, iPhone 13 is already set to arrive this coming September.  

Will There be a Tiny iPhone Model?

As of the moment, Apple hasn't confirmed if it would make a new smaller smartphone compared to the current iPhone 12 Mini or other tiny handsets. 

But, Slash Gear reported that Apple could achieve a compact-designed smartphone by releasing the so-called iPhone Flip, which is also still a rumor. 

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