An Apple TV remote replacement is now available, which you could buy for an affordable and reasonable price, and it is made by a tech company, Deutsche Telekom. Well, it would still be a debate to buy a legitimate Apple replacement TV remote, but sometimes, an alternative will work fine and well, especially if it does the same functions only. 

Deutsche Telekom is the mother company of T-Mobile, and the popular company is now known to be facing one of its nastiest hacks in years, with millions of data stolen. 

Apple TV Remote Replacement

Apple TV Replacement Remote from Deutsche Telekom
(Photo : Deutsche Telekom via Business News Wire)
Apple TV Replacement Remote from Deutsche Telekom

The Apple TV 4K is one of the most popular video boxes in the market today, and it can be controlled by its dedicated Siri Remote or an iPhone with the latest iOS. However, if one loses the remote, it may be so that it would be a hassle to control, even when they have an iPhone device, so a replacement may be the best bet. 

Apple offers a replacement Siri remote, and it may not be that expensive for $59.00, but surely, having another choice that offers more value may not hurt one's pocket and might be a viable alternative. 

Deutsche Telekom is one of the first companies which offered the Apple TV 4K replacement remotes in the market, and it may not be necessarily cheaper, but it has more value than the original remote. Deutsche's Apple TV remote retains its voice-enabled remote control, and offers a MagentaTV subscription, with the venture being made with Universal Electronics.

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MagentaTV is for the German or Euro Regions Only

According to a press release by Deutsche via Business Wire, the replacement remote for the Apple TV 4K would have all the nifty features of the original remote, with more to offer. This would be in the form of a "MagentaTV" subscription, offering it with the purchase of the remote, with it being available via the device. 

However, the promotion would only be available in Germany, and in the nearby regions where MagentaTV has coverage and offers its services. 

The replacement remote and the MagentaTV were made with Apple, and were certified to work with the video smart box, meaning that users would not have to worry about it being a cheap knock-off. 

Apple TV Remote vs. Deutsche Replacement Remote

Apple TV New Siri Remote
(Photo : Apple Newsroom)

For users in the United States, it may be more ideal to get the Siri Remote or Replacement remote which costs $59 and $19 respectively.

However, for the EU regions, and particularly, Germany, they may have a replacement remote option that they can use with their device, as well as an add-on subscription for the service.

It may be so that T-Mobile would bring a replacement report under Deutsche Telekom, and offer an add-on which is the same as what was offered in the EU. 

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