Steel Manufacturing Can Now be Done Fossil-Fuel Free for First Time Ever!
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Steel manufacturing can finally be done without the use of fossil fuel for the first time ever! Swedish green steel venture known as HYBRIT just announced that they were able to make the first ever customer delivery of steel without even needing to use coal!

HYBRIT Delivers First Ever Green Steel

According to CBC, HYBRIT had made its first customer delivery of steel that was produced without the need of coal as the company looks to revolutionize the whole industry. The industry is reportedly accountable for around eight percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions contribution.

HYBRIT is reportedly owned by SSAB which is a state-owned utility Vattanfall as well as miner LKAB. The company noted that it would finally deliver the steel to the popular truck-maker Volvo AB in order to do a trial run before officially going full commercial in production this 2026. As for the strength and stability of steel, 3D graphene was found to be 10 times stronger than conventional steel while also being much lighter.

HYBRIT Starts Testing Operations

Ibrahim Baylan, the Minister for Business, Industry, and Innovation told the press conference that he was happy to be the minister for enterprise and energy in a country wherein industry is definitely bubbling with energy for a green reset. HYBRIT had also started to test operations at its very own pilot plant for fossil-free steel over in Lulea which is located in northern Sweden about a year ago.

It also reportedly aims to replace coking coal which is traditionally needed in order to make ore-based steel. The replacements would be fossil-free electricity as well as hydrogen. Hydrogen is actually a key element of the EU's final plan in order to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050.

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SSAB on Greenhouse Gasses

SSAB reportedly accounts for a whopping 10 percent of Sweden's very own seven percent of Finland's total carbon dioxide emissions. SSAB noted the trial delivery was a very important step when it comes to stepping toward a completely fossil-free value chain, as also reported on Reuters.

It previously gave a statement noting that the goal is to be able to deliver fossil-fuel steel to the whole market and also demonstrate the technology on a much larger industrial scale as early as 2026. Another green steel venture known as H2 Green Steel is reportedly planning to build a fossil-fuel-free steel plant located in the north of Sweden.

This would also include a more sustainable hydrogen facility which is expected to start its production this coming 2024. Volvo also noted back in April 2021 that it would be able to start production this year of the prototype vehicles and components coming from the use of green steel. Oxide surface coating can also be used in order to make steel stronger as well as more durable.

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